The IDX Composite Rises 0.86% to 7,297 on Monday (12/2)

February 12, 2024, 06.30 PM  | Reporter: Wahyu Tri Rahmawati
The  IDX Composite Rises 0.86% to 7,297 on Monday (12/2)

ILUSTRASI. The IDX Composite Rises 0.86% to 7,297 on Monday (12/2). KONTAN/Cheppy A. Muchlis.

STOCK MARKET - JAKARTA. The IDX Composite Index (IHSG) strengthened at the beginning of this week. On Monday (12/2), the IHSG strengthened by 0.86% or 62.52 points to 7,297.67 until the end of trading on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX).

Seven sectoral indices strengthened along with the IHSG today. The financial sector jumped 1.18%. The infrastructure sector soared 0.85%. The property and real estate sector rose 0.61%. The technology sector lifted 0.52%. The energy sector climbed 0.42%. The raw materials sector rose 0.30%. The industrial sector strengthened 0.24%.

Four sectoral indices fell as the IHSG rose. The transportation and logistics sector fell 0.38%. The primary consumer goods sector fell 0.35%. The non-primary consumer goods sector was cut by 0.34%. The health sector weakened 0.9%.

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Top gainers LQ45 today are:

  • PT Vale Indonesia Tbk (INCO) 10.93%
  • PT Bank Tabungan Negara Tbk (BBTN) 8.37%
  • PT Aneka Tambang Tbk (ANTM) 3.90%

Top losers LQ45 consist of:

  • PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk (UNVR) -10.70%
  • PT Barito Pacific Tbk (BRPT) -3.33%
  • PT Merdeka Battery Materials Tbk (MBMA) -3.08%

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The total volume of stock exchange transactions reached 23.55 billion shares with a transaction value of IDR 12.17 trillion. As many as 286 stocks strengthened. There are 280 stocks that weakened and 201 stocks flat.

The IHSG has recorded a strengthening of 1.333% in the last five trading days. Meanwhile, since the beginning of the year, the IHSG has recorded a strengthening of 0.34%

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