Until August 2023, the Realization of the IKN Development Budget Reached IDR 6,4 T

September 20, 2023, 10.48 PM  | Reporter: Bidara Pink
Until August 2023, the Realization of the IKN Development Budget Reached IDR 6,4 T

ILUSTRASI. The design of the State Palace featuring the Garuda bird emblem in the National Capital (IKN) is the work of the artist I Nyoman Nuarta. Photo: Doc IKN

STATE BUDGET - JAKARTA. As of August 31, 2023, the government has disbursed IDR 6.4 trillion for the development of the Nusantara Capital City (IKN).

Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati stated that the realization of this figure has reached 21.8% of the total ceiling of IDR 29.4 trillion.

"For this year, the total IKN budget allocation is IDR 29.4 trillion. So far, 21.8% of it has been realized," Sri Mulyani emphasized in the APBN KiTa press conference, on Tuesday (19/9).

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The realization of the IKN budget consists of expenditure for the infrastructure cluster amounting to IDR 4.7 trillion or has reached 17.7% of the IDR 26.5 trillion ceiling.

The funds disbursed are for the construction of the state palace and the core area of the government center and residential areas, in this case, the construction of ASN and Hankam apartment towers.

Then for the construction of the IKN toll road, duplication of the Balang Island Short Span Bridge, and construction of the Sepaku Semoi Dam.

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Also, funds for handling Sepaku River floods and controlling floods in the Sanggai, Pamaluan, Saluang, and Tengin river basins.

Then, the IKN budget is also for the realization of non-infrastructure clusters. As of the end of August 2023, IDR 1.6 trillion has been realized, or equivalent to 53.3% of the IDR 3.0 trillion ceiling.

Among other things, for the coordination and preparation of the IKN relocation, planning for the move to the IKN, and policy recommendations at the K/L.

Also for mapping activities, monitoring and evaluation, POLRI security support, and IKN Authority operations.


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