Teknologi Karya Digital (TRON) Smart Terminal Expansion in North Sumatra

April 02, 2024, 11.25 PM  | Reporter: Dina Mirayanti Hutauruk
Teknologi Karya Digital (TRON) Smart Terminal Expansion in North Sumatra

ILUSTRASI. Perangkat yang dikembangkan PT Teknologi Karya Digital Nusa Tbk (TRON) untuk solusi transportasi darat.

CORPORATE STRATEGIC - JAKARTA. PT Teknologi Karya Digital Nusa Tbk (TRON), an Indonesian technology company, has partnered with the North Sumatra Provincial Transportation Agency (Dishub) to introduce a smart terminal supported by a Smart Command Center monitoring system at the Type B Terminal in North Sumatra.

David Santoso, CEO of Teknologi Karya, stated that the partnership aims to digitize the terminal's operational surveillance system, optimizing services and management at the Type B Terminal in North Sumatra. Additionally, a smart command center will be established to monitor and track the terminal's performance in real time.

According to Santoso, the smart terminal implementation includes a vehicle queue surveillance management system designed to monitor vehicle queues and calculate the number of vehicles entering and exiting the terminal area.

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“We are also introducing an information and monitoring system that provides real-time updates on terminal conditions, a security and surveillance system with CCTV and other security systems, and a smart command center,” Santoso said in his official statement on Monday (1/4).

The command center will be equipped with a data integration system that combines data from various sources, such as CCTV, sensors, and other information systems. It will also feature an analytics system to analyze data for decision-making, an executive dashboard displaying real-time information on a large screen for easy monitoring, and strategic partnerships to enhance services.

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Agustinus Panjaitan, Head of the North Sumatra Provincial Transportation Agency, said the partnership is a strategic step to improve terminal and transportation system services and efficiency in North Sumatra. 

“Moving forward, we will develop a monitoring system through the smart command center to monitor transportation infrastructure conditions, including the mobility of vehicles entering or leaving North Sumatra. We are confident that Teknologi Karya's technology will assist us in realizing a Smart City in North Sumatra and digitization in the transportation sector,” said Agustinus.

In the initial phase, the smart terminal and smart command center will be implemented at three terminals: the Kabanjahe terminal in Karo Regency, the Lubuk Pakam terminal in Deli Serdang Regency, and the Pasar X Tanjung Beringin terminal in Langkat Regency.

“In addition, Teknologi Karya has collaborated with provincial agencies in regions such as East Java, Aceh, South Kalimantan, and bus operator companies like Adiputro, Tentrem, and Bagong regarding surveillance and safety systems,” concluded Santoso. 


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