President Jokowi Continues to Groundbreaking the IKN Project

November 01, 2023, 06.41 PM  | Reporter: Ratih Waseso
President Jokowi Continues to Groundbreaking the IKN Project

ILUSTRASI. Presiden RI Joko Widodo bersama Menteri Perhubungan Budi Karya Sumadi dan sejumlah Menteri Kabinet Indonesia Maju melakukan groundbreaking (peletakan batu pertama) Bandara IKN pada Rabu (1/11/2023).

PRESIDENT JOKOWI CONTINUES TO - JAKARTA. The groundbreaking of projects in the Nusantara Capital Region (IKN) has started since September 2023. It was recorded that last September the first stone was laid for the Hotel, Hospital and PSSI training center projects. 

Then on Wednesday (1/11), the groundbreaking of the IKN international airport project, Mayapada Hospital, Pakuwon Nusantara, Nusantara Intercultural School, Hermina Hospital, and the revitalization of State Elementary School 020 was carried out again.

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) hopes that the wave of investors realizing their investments will continue to increase. Especially when the IKN toll road and IKN airport are operational, he believes investors will flock to realize their investments. 

Next month, Jokowi said there will be eight to nine more groundbreaking projects in the IKN area. 

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"Earlier, the head of the authority, Bambang Susantono, has already stated that in December I was ordered to come here again because there will be a groundbreaking, how many more, sir? 8-9 more that will start," said Jokowi on the Presidential Secretariat YouTube Channel, Wednesday (1/11).

The commencement of the construction of infrastructure and facility projects in the IKN area shows the interest of investors in the development of the IKN. Especially for domestic investors. 

"The past (last month) we had a groundbreaking worth IDR 23 trillion, then today and tomorrow approximately IDR 12 trillion. Then in December the total will be IDR 45 trillion. I think the speed is very fast," he revealed.

Jokowi said, the government always prioritizes and puts local investors first in investing in the IKN.

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However, if there is no interest from local investors, the government will look for foreign investors who are also interested in investing in the IKN. 

Currently, Jokowi is asking the Head of the IKN Authority to prioritize domestic investors and temporarily postpone the entry of foreign investors. He said, foreign investors are likely to enter in the financial, health and education sectors. 

"Later for large zones, for example the financial center might be from abroad. The health zone might be able to enter international hospitals with the current Health Law. Then education as well, universities that have good quality in the world can also enter the existing education area. And we work together with the Tony Blair Institute for matters related to education investment in the Nusantara capital," he explained.

Editor: Syamsul Azhar

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