KPPU Investigates Alleged Monopoly of Delivery Services on Shopee

February 06, 2024, 09.21 PM  | Reporter: Vendy Yhulia Susanto
KPPU Investigates Alleged Monopoly of Delivery Services on Shopee

KPPU - JAKARTA. The Business Competition Supervisory Commission (KPPU) is investigating alleged monopolistic practices in the delivery services on the Shopee platform. 

KPPU Commissioner Gopprera Panggabean said that previously, consumers could choose the delivery service provider on the Shopee platform. There were choices of providers, services, and prices offered by each provider. 

However, since 2021, there has been a policy implemented by Shopee where consumers can no longer choose the delivery service provider. Consumers can only see the services displayed for shipping goods. 

"Previously, the choice of prices and providers was open, but when this policy was implemented, it became closed," said Gopprera in a press conference, Tuesday (6/2).

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Gopprera explained, there is an alleged behavior that hinders competition among delivery service providers. This is because there is one delivery service provider (Shopee Express) that is associated with Shopee.

"We suspect there is an algorithm directed at the delivery service company associated with the Shopee platform," said Gopprera.

Gopprera said, the case related to Shopee is still in the filing stage. If sufficient evidence is found, the process will proceed to the trial stage.

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