Gagas Energi and Blue Bird Collaborate to Increase the Utilization of Gas Fuel

February 26, 2024, 02.15 PM  | Reporter: Filemon Agung
Gagas Energi and Blue Bird Collaborate to Increase the Utilization of Gas Fuel

ILUSTRASI. Petugas PT PGN, Tbk menyalurkan gas bumi dalam bentuk 'Compressed Natural Gas' (gas alam yang dikompresi) menggunakan teknologi GTM (Gas Transportation Module) atau Gaslink Truck untuk menyuplai Jargas Rumah Tangga di wilayah Semarang, Jawa Tengah, Kamis (16/4/ 2020). Pascagangguan pasokan dari kawasan Central Processing Plant (CPP) Blok Gundih Proyek Pengembangan Gas Jawa (PPGJ) ada Kamis (9/4/2020) lalu, PT PGN Tbk mengirimkan Gaslink Truck guna memastikan pasokan jaringan gas di Kota Semarang dan Kabupaten Blora aman. ANTARA FOTO/Aji Styawan/aww.

CORPORATE ACTION-JAKARTA. PT Perusahaan Gas Negara Tbk (PGN) through its subsidiary, PT Gagas Energi Indonesia (Gagas) is enhancing its cooperation in the utilization of Natural Gas Fuel (BBG) with Blue Bird Group. 

Gagas CEO Muhammad Hardiansyah revealed that BBG has lower emissions than other fossil fuels, thus it can be an environmentally friendly energy alternative for vehicles.

Currently, public vehicles are the most common mode of transportation using BBG, with a percentage reaching 90%

Types of vehicles such as taxis, bajaj, angkot, and Trans Jakarta are considered to get the biggest benefit, namely in terms of fuel cost efficiency. 

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"Why the biggest savings can be felt by 90% of these vehicles because the number of kilometers per day is the most. Currently, the price of BBG is only 4,500 rupiah per liter so there is a saving of about 55%," Hardiansyah explained in a press release, quoted on Monday (26/2). 

Hardiansya emphasized, that in the future Gagas will continue to develop gas fuel infrastructure, to support the fulfillment of environmentally friendly energy to achieve NZE in 2060. One of them is reducing emissions from motor vehicles, where the emissions are about 25-35% lower. 

Gagas's commitment to providing low-energy alternatives aligns with Blue Bird's commitment as a taxi company that has used BBG. 

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Blue Bird Group's VP of Engineering Astu Rahindo explained Blue Bird has long had a long-term commitment to contribute to the environment. Precisely since 2017, Blue Bird has an initiative to use BBG in its fleet.

In addition, Blue Bird has a continuous commitment “Blue bird 5030” which is to reduce 50% of emissions by 2030. 

"What we focus on is environmental improvement, because the impact on the environment is quite large. From the emissions that come out from the use of gas compared to regular vehicles is about 60% (lower), because there is less carbon and other pollutants decrease, so it is more environmentally friendly,” said Astu. 

Currently, 3,200 Blue Bird fleets are using BBG, or about 25% of the total fleet owned by Blue Bird. They also use the best technology for dual fuel or switching from fuel to gas, making it more flexible. If using gas, the combustion is also better because the octane is higher.

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Then regarding safety, the Blue Bird fleet is already equipped with excellent safety equipment.

“This year we plan to add 500 fleets, step by step, because it will follow the development of GasKu and simultaneously with government programs,” added Astu.

Hardiansyah emphasized, that his party will continue to optimize the use of BBG in the transition period towards New Renewable Energy. Gagas also supports the Pertamina Holding Migas program in providing all energy from fossil fuel to efficient and low-emission gas fuel.

In addition, BBG is sourced from within the country and can contribute to reducing carbon emissions. The use of BBG does not compete but runs alongside other fuels.

“Another benefit of using gas is providing an energy alternative without increasing the number of vehicles because only an existing converter needs to be installed," concluded Hardiansyah.



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