Blue Bird (BIRD) Prepares Capital Expenditure up to IDR 2.5 Trillion for 2024

February 08, 2024, 08.46 PM  | Reporter: Vina Elvira
Blue Bird (BIRD) Prepares Capital Expenditure up to IDR 2.5 Trillion for 2024

ILUSTRASI. Regular Cititrans service from the Blue Bird (BIRD) group.

ISSUER - JAKARTA. Transportation issuer, PT Blue Bird Tbk (BIRD) or Bluebird is preparing various business plans to maximize performance this year. One of them is the rejuvenation and purchase of new fleets. 

BIRD's CEO Adrianto Djokosoetono stated that this year Bluebird has budgeted a capital expenditure (Capex) allocation of IDR 2 trillion to IDR 2.5 trillion. 

This capex fund will be used for several plans, ranging from strategic projects, fleet rejuvenation, and supporting the vision of sustainable mobility.

“The company will buy and rejuvenate a total of 7,000 taxi, non-taxi, and EV fleets to meet the demand for standardized mobility,” said the man who is familiarly called Andre some time ago.

Andre detailed, this year BIRD will continuously innovate and expand to meet customer needs. 

The company will add fleets for all business segments, increase service coverage, and present diverse and integrated mobility solutions. 

“And the expansion of non-taxi services and exploration of opportunities in new cities is one of Bluebird's focuses to provide the best service to customers and strengthen its position as a leader in the transportation industry,” he explained. 

Bluebird has not officially released its financial report for the 2023 fiscal year. However, the performance of the issuer who owns the Bluebird taxi managed to record a significant business increase until the third quarter of 2023. 

BIRD successfully recorded a revenue growth of 28.7% with a value of IDR 3.22 trillion, compared to the same period revenue last year at IDR 2.5 trillion. 

This revenue growth successfully pushed BIRD's net profit up by 40.97% with a value of IDR 367.42 billion, compared to the profit in the third quarter of 2022 which was IDR 260.62 billion. 

Editor: Syamsul Azhar

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