Exploring Jobubu Minahasa (BEER) Ambitious Expansion Strategy for 2024

February 23, 2024, 10.10 AM  | Reporter: Vina Elvira
Exploring Jobubu Minahasa (BEER) Ambitious Expansion Strategy for 2024

ILUSTRASI. Cap Tikus alcoholic drink 1978 produced by PT Jobubu Jarum Minahasa Tbk (BEER). ?

CORPORATE STRATEGIC - JAKARTA. The alcoholic beverage issuer, PT Jobubu Jarum Minahasa Tbk (BEER) will continue its expansion plan in 2024.  BEER's CEO, Audy Charles Lieke, mentioned that as part of the expansion, BEER plans to continue the construction of a new factory on Java Island. 

Along with that, BEER will also carry out expansion stages in distribution lines and direct sales outlets to consumers. They aim that this year, most provinces in Indonesia that allow the sale of alcoholic beverages will distribute products from Jobubu Jarum Minahasa. 

“The company will also expand to districts and cities that have not been distributed before,” Audy revealed to Kontan.co.id, last week. 

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With several expansion agendas this year, BEER is optimistic that the business pace in 2024 will be better than the previous year. Considering, that Indonesia has just passed the COVID-19 pandemic, it is expected that this year the business world will be more stable. 

Similarly, the purchasing power of the community will increase, coupled with good national politics, which will drive the overall economic level to improve.

In addition to expanding production capacity and adding distribution networks, BEER also plans to release several new products this year. This strategy aligns with the company's vision at the time of the initial public offering (IPO), where BEER aims to have products in the all-spectrum and all-range segmentation.

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He detailed, that this year BEER will add distribution networks, both at the distributor level and the sub-distributor level throughout Indonesia. 

“This is the company's distribution network that is expected to become the company's product distribution infrastructure, along with the increasing number of new products from the company,” he explained. 

According to the financial report, BEER recorded a net profit of IDR 9.96 billion in the third quarter of 2023, this figure decreased by 9.9% compared to the same period last year which was IDR 11.05 billion. 

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The decrease in profit occurred when gross sales increased to IDR 61.47 billion, from previously IDR 54.90 billion.

If calculated net after excise tape, then BEER's sales in the third quarter of 2023 were recorded at IDR 41.02 billion or increased by 10.63% compared to net sales in the third quarter of 2022 amounting to IDR 37.08 billion. 

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