Observe the Business Strategy of Jobubu Jarum Minahasa (BEER) in the Year 2024

February 18, 2024, 09.05 PM  | Reporter: Rashif Usman
Observe the Business Strategy of Jobubu Jarum Minahasa (BEER) in the Year 2024

ILUSTRASI. Daebak Soju alcoholic drink produced by PT Jobubu Jarum Minahasa Tbk (BEER). KONTAN/Panji Indra

FOOD AND BEVERAGES - JAKARTA. The alcoholic beverage issuer, PT Jobubu Jarum Minahasa (BEER) is optimistic that its performance will grow positively in 2024. This optimism is inseparable from the development of the business world and the Indonesian economy, which has also grown positively in recent months.

The President Director of PT Jobubu Jarum Minahasa (BEER), Audy Charles Lieke, said the company believes that the company's performance in 2024 will be better than the previous year, as 2023 has just passed the recovery phase of the Covid-19 pandemic. This post-recovery condition is considered to have an impact on the increasingly stable business world.

"Similarly, the purchasing power of the community will increase. Coupled with the national politics that have been quite good until now, it is driving the overall economic level to improve," Audy told Kontan, on Friday (16/2).

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To achieve this year's performance growth target, BEER has prepared several strategies. Audy explained that BEER plans to continue the plan to build a new factory on Java Island. However, unfortunately, he could not detail where the new factory location is.

In line with this, Jobubu Jarum will also carry out several stages of expansion in the distribution line and direct sales outlets to consumers. According to him, there are still several provinces where the company's products have not been distributed.

"This year, the target is that almost all provinces in Indonesia that allow the sale of alcoholic beverages will distribute BEER products. Then, Jobubu will also expand in districts and cities that have not been distributed before," he said.

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In addition, the producer of Cap Tikus beverage also plans to release several new products in 2024. This is in line with the company's vision to have products in the all-spectrum segmentation (alcohol content 0-55% and all-range (beer, red wine, soju, sake, whisky, vodka, rum, gin).

"The distribution network will certainly increase, both at the distributor level and the sub-distributor level throughout Indonesia. This is the company's distribution network that is expected to become the infrastructure for distributing the company's products, along with the increase of our new products," he explained.

According to its financial report, BEER recorded a net profit of IDR 10.04 billion for the first nine months of 2023, down 9.9% from the same period the previous year, which was IDR 11.95 billion.

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