Expand Distributor Network, Gaya Makmur Mobil Targets Sales of 2,000 Truck Units

February 27, 2024, 05.20 AM  | Reporter: Rashif Usman
Expand Distributor Network, Gaya Makmur Mobil Targets Sales of 2,000 Truck Units

ILUSTRASI. President Director of PT Gaya Makmur Mobil Frankie Makaminang (right) with Sales Marketing Director of PT Gaya Makmur Mobil Surijani (left) at the opening of the GMM booth at the Mining Indonesia exhibition.

CORPORATE STRATEGIC - JAKARTA. First Automobile Works or FAW Trucks, through PT Gaya Makmur Mobil (GMM), is optimistic about achieving better truck sales performance in 2024. 

PT GMM's President Director, Frankie Makaminang, said that GMM is targeting truck sales of 2,000 units this year, an increase of 66% compared to last year's sales realization of 1,200 units.

"Our sales last year reached 1,200 units and we aim to reach 2,000 units this year. We have a total of 20 model types," said Frankie when met by Kontan at his office, Monday (26/2).

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Frankie believes that sales performance will be better this year due to various factors, ranging from competitively priced products to quality after-sales service.

"Our product has been proven for 19 years in Indonesia, which means the product is already good. Furthermore, this FAW truck product is supported in terms of spare parts and technicians. Therefore, many customers are no longer hesitant to buy our trucks," he said.

In addition, FAW Trucks is increasingly aggressive in opening distributor networks and after-sales service in Indonesia. The company is targeting this expansion plan to second-tier cities to boost sales performance this year.

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"We are growing. The plan is that in the second semester of this year, we will add in Morowali because there are more and more of our customers buying dump trucks," he said.

He explained that there are four truck products that the company focuses on selling, namely tractor head, chassis cargo, dump truck, and mixer truck. In terms of the market for cargo trucks, tractor heads, and dump truck products, each contributes 30% to total sales. Meanwhile, the remaining approximately 10% comes from the mixer truck market.

"In terms of segments, it is also spread across three major segments, namely mining, plantations, and construction. All these segments are almost evenly distributed," he said.

Frankie added that the current election effect does not hold back sales because some entrepreneurs continue to pursue their business targets.

"For example, large mining companies are increasing their production targets this year because they already have contracts with their customers," he added.

This year, the company will also release electric trucks in Indonesia. According to him, this is in line with the government's push for the use of electric vehicles, including trucks.

"We are preparing the product, planning to release it this year. Some customers will be testing. There is already demand but it's not that easy to sell because the infrastructure needs to be considered," he explained.

Editor: Syamsul Azhar

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