Djarum and Wings Withdrawing from the Aguan, IKN Authority's Response

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Djarum and Wings Withdrawing from the Aguan, IKN Authority's Response

ILUSTRASI. Presiden Joko Widodo didampingi Kepala Badan Otorita IKN Bambang Susantono menyalami taipan Aguan dan Prajogo Pangestu di IKN Nusantara, Kamis (21/9)

INVESTMENT - JAKARTA. There is news circulating that two conglomerates that are part of the Nusantara Consortium led by Agung Sedayu Sugianto Kusuma, also known as Aguan. The two investor names rumored to have withdrawn are PT Djarum and Wings Group.

In response to this issue, the Deputy for Financing and Investment of the Nusantara Capital City Authority (IKN), Agung Wicaksono, said that this matter is an internal affair of the consortium.

However, he said that the consortium members could change. This usually depends on the needs of the development.

"This is an internal matter of the consortium. Consortium members can change according to development needs," said Agung when contacted by, Thursday (4/1).

However, Agung emphasized that if there are changes in the consortium members, it will not affect the progress of the development. According to him, the development carried out by the Nusantara Consortium continues to run.

"(Disrupting the development?) Of course not. Progress continues," added Agung.

According to the data shared by Agung, several domestic private investors are part of the Nusantara Consortium. The investors involved are Agung Sedayu Group, Adaro, Sinarmas, Pulauintan, Mulia Group, Astra Group, Kawan Lama, Barito Pasific, Alfamart Group, and Salim Group.

This consortium, which consists of 10 bona fide companies, is committed to the construction of hotels, shopping facilities, and others in the Nusantara Capital City (IKN). The first groundbreaking was carried out on September 1, 2023, and by December 2023, the development had progressed 35%.

Meanwhile, when confirmed by, Corporate Communications Manager of Djarum Budi Darmawan said that his party was not part of the Nusantara Consortium from the beginning.

However, Djarum is involved in IKN for the construction and development of the Botanical Garden. Furthermore, the Botanical Garden will complement the city's facilities in IKN.

"Djarum is involved in IKN to build and develop the Botanical Garden, like CSR. Not in the investment consortium. (Not part of the consortium from the beginning?) Yes. From the beginning, the focus is on the Botanical Garden. Not on investment," explained Budi.

With a focus on the development of the Botanical Garden, Budi denied the rumor that Djarum had withdrawn from involvement in IKN. Budi said that the Botanical Garden has not yet started construction and is still in the design stage.

"The Botanical Garden is certainly not yet built. It is still in the design stage. Yes, this complements the city's facilities," he explained.

Editor: Syamsul Azhar

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