CEO of CGAS Andika Purwonugroho: Limiting Investment Risks to Avoid Failure Again

February 03, 2024, 03.30 PM  | Reporter: Nadya Zahira
CEO of CGAS Andika Purwonugroho: Limiting Investment Risks to Avoid Failure Again

ILUSTRASI. President Director of Citra Nusantara Gemilang (CGAS) Andika Purwonugroho during the initial listing of shares on the IDX, Jakarta, Monday (8/1).

ISSUER - JAKARTA. Andika Purwanugroho started his career as a young entrepreneur before finally being entrusted to become the CEO of the gas trading and distribution company, PT Citra Nusantara Gemilang Tbk (CGAS). 

He began his investment journey in 2013, the desire to get involved in the world of investment came from himself because he wanted to understand investment more deeply. The first instrument he entered was a deposit. According to him, deposit investment is quite safe compared to other types of investments and is semi-liquid. 

"So I tried the first deposit investment because it is more on the secure side or its security is more maintained and secondly it is semi-liquid because my investment is intended first as an emergency fund and to maintain the value of money," said Andika, Thursday (25/1). 

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Not stopping at bank deposit investments, Andika also tried several other types of investments such as investment fisheries, namely fish ponds in Cirata Dam, West Java. However, the investment did not go smoothly due to natural factors. 

"So indeed because we have prepared everything, even using energy from IPB, it turns out that we cannot anticipate the problem of natural factors. So at that time the reservoir was flooded, and I did not continue," he said. 

Not wanting to give up just like that, Andika began to get involved in gold investment instruments, and he felt that the investment was quite profitable even though there were still several risks. While investing in deposits and gold, Andika began to try to invest in stock instruments even though the percentage was only 20%. 

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"So I have 10% shares in my own company, CGAS, and another 10% of my shares in other companies," said Andika.

He explained, that his investment presentation in stock instruments was only 20% because according to him this type of investment is not quite suitable for his profile and personality. The reason is, that he does not have much time to monitor stock prices and does not yet have extensive knowledge related to stock investments. However, even so, he is currently trying to learn more about the investment.

"Because I currently have CGAS shares, so I learn more and know more about this stock investment, so I have gradually understood about stock movements," he said,

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Limited Risk to Avoid Failure Again

Andika said that he had failed to invest in stock instruments because he was tempted by the shares of issuers who had just held an initial public offering (IPO). 

This happened because he was carried away with euphoria and did not study the business prospects of the issuer. Finally, the share value of the issuer plummeted and Andika suffered losses of hundreds of millions of rupiah. 

Therefore, Andika only trusts in deposit investments, gold, shares from his own company, and shares from companies whose performance tends to grow steadily. According to him, understanding the business process and industry prospects is very important to limit risk.

Moreover, Andika's characteristic is a medium to long-term investor. He also admitted that he is not suitable for instruments that fluctuate sharply and are high risk such as crypto or stock trading. 

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"Indeed, my first investment principle is that its security must be maintained, the second must be a liquid or semi-liquid investment because I invest for the medium and long term," said Andika. 

Andika described, until now deposits still dominate his investment portfolio or assets. The deposit portion reaches 60%. Then 20% shares including shares in the CGAS company, and the remaining 20% is divided into bond mutual funds, gold, and insurance. 

He does not rule out the possibility, that it could be that later the portion of shares will be larger or the portion change. He explained the reason for 60% in deposits is because this investment instrument is the safest and most liquid, and can be easily liquidated when he needs emergency funds. 

"Maybe the portion can decrease later, if I can understand other investment instruments, such as mutual funds for example," said Andika.

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