BNI (BBNI) Set to Distribute Dividends of IDR 10.45 Trillion

March 04, 2024, 05.58 PM  | Reporter: Selvi Mayasari
BNI (BBNI) Set to Distribute Dividends of IDR 10.45 Trillion

ILUSTRASI. The General Meeting of Shareholders of BNI (BBNI) approves the distribution of dividends amounting to 50% of the net profit 2023.

DIVIDEND DISTRIBUTION-JAKARTA. The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of PT Bank BNI Tbk (BBNI) has approved a dividend distribution of 50% from the net profit of the 2023 fiscal year, totaling Rp 10.45 trillion.

The value of the dividend distribution increased by 42.76% from the total dividend of the 2022 fiscal year amounting to Rp 7.32 trillion. Thus, the dividend value per share this time is set at Rp 280.49.

Taking into account the share composition owned by the government of 60%, BNI will deposit a dividend of Rp 6.27 trillion into the state general cash cccount.

Meanwhile, the other 50% portion of the BNI net profit or equivalent to Rp10.45 trillion will be used as retained earnings for the sustainable business development of the BNI Group in the future.

BNI President Director Royke Tumilaar stated, the increase in the dividend payout ratio to 50% this year was carried out in line with BNI financial performance which continues to record positive performance with a net profit of Rp 20.9 trillion in 2023.

BNI also successfully managed the capital adequacy ratio or Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) at a healthy level reaching 22% in December 2023, thus having the capacity to distribute dividends with a larger ratio and value, while still meeting the business and investment needs of the BNI Group.

"This positive performance was achieved amid various external challenges in 2023, which were mainly caused by increased geopolitical risks, high inflation and global interest rates, and economic slowdown in China," Royke said during the company's press conference, Monday (4/3).

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BNI remains consistent and disciplined in running the transformation program over the past three years. This strategic step has become a turning point that further strengthens the business foundation of BNI.

BNI is also committed and strives to discipline to continue the transformation program so that it has a more positive impact on the contribution to national economic growth and company profitability.

Royke explained, the increase in profitability will be achieved through consistency in booking quality credit growth from the corporate, MSME, and consumer segments, so that asset quality is in a healthy condition in the long term.


With various digital innovations, BNI continues to encourage the increase in business productivity, operational efficiency and the contribution of subsidiaries. Management is also proactive in promoting various human resource capability improvement programs and technology optimization.

"The positive performance in 2023 signifies the success of our transformation program at BNI. We are committed to continuing to strengthen the business foundation by consistently driving the strengthening of the business model and the application of corporate culture," he said.

Throughout 2023, BNI managed to book credit growth of 7.6% annually, reaching Rp695 trillion, driven by expansion in low-risk segments, namely blue chip corporations both private and state-owned, consumer credit, and Subsidiaries.

The contribution of these subsidiaries is supported by the strengthening of sustainable performance in line with the ongoing transformation of Subsidiaries such as at BNI Finance and Hibank.

"Based on the economic sector, all sectors in general grew positively with the largest contributors among others from the trade sector, manufacturing industry, energy, and business services sector," he added.

Editor: Khomarul Hidayat

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