Tower Bersama (TBIG) Opens Opportunities for Collaboration with Starlink

May 31, 2024, 12.25 AM  | Reporter: Yuliana Hema
Tower Bersama (TBIG) Opens Opportunities for Collaboration with Starlink

ILUSTRASI. BTS maintenance; XL Axiata technicians are checking 4G BTS equipment on a tower in Luwuk, Banggai Regency, Central Sulawesi. Wednesday (24/8). Specifically in Banggai Regency, in the last two years, XL Axiata has built more than 44 4G BTS to support the availability of quality telecommunications and internet networks to remote areas of Central Sulawesi which will support increasing digital literacy for the local community. KONTAN

LISTED COMPANY - JAKARTA. PT Tower Bersama Infrastructure Tbk, a leading telecommunications tower company in Indonesia, is exploring potential collaborations with Elon Musk's low earth orbit (LEO) satellite company, SpaceX.

Herman Setya Budi, the President Director of Tower Bersama Infrastructure, explained that while the infrastructure offered by SpaceX's Starlink differs from that of PT Tower Bersama Infrastructure Tbk, the two could complement each other.

"However, it would serve as a complement between Starlink and us. While towers and fiber optics ensure data speed, Starlink is more suitable for peripheral areas," Budi said in an interview on Thursday (30/5).

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