This is the Explanation from BPOM Regarding Magnum Ice Cream Products in Indonesia.

April 24, 2024, 12.21 AM  | Reporter: Yudho Winarto
This is the Explanation from BPOM Regarding Magnum Ice Cream Products in Indonesia.

ILUSTRASI. Ice cream magnum Walls./Pho KONTAN/Carolus Agus Waluyo/11/11/2011.

FOOD AND BEVERAGES - JAKARTA. JAKARTA. The Food and Drug Monitoring Agency (BPOM) of the Republic of Indonesia has issued a statement regarding the safety of Magnum Ice Cream products in the country.

Noorman Effendi, the Head of the Bureau of Cooperation and Public Relations of BPOM RI, asserted that based on the agency's monitoring, no similar products have been identified as contaminated with metal and plastic in Indonesia.

“The Magnum products that were recalled in the UK and Ireland are not distributed in Indonesia," Effendi clarified in his statement on Tuesday (23/4).

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In a written statement, Aliqa Sendylaras, the Marketing Lead of Magnum Indonesia, further explained the circulating news in the community.

“Product safety is our top priority. Regarding the news about the recall of Magnum products in the UK and Ireland recently, it can be assured that this step is a preventive action only for products produced in the UK and Ireland, and in limited quantities,” she said.

Sendylaras emphasized that all Magnum products sold and officially distributed in Indonesia are not produced in the UK and/or Ireland, thus they are safe for consumption.

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“Magnum products sold in Indonesia are produced to the highest standards, comply with applicable laws and regulations, and have full permits from relevant agencies, including the Food and Drug Monitoring Agency (BPOM),” she elaborated.

With the clarification from BPOM RI and related parties, it is hoped that consumer concerns about product safety can be addressed, and trust can be instilled in products produced in Indonesia with strict standards and safe for consumption.

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