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The KPK will examine James Riady for the Meikarta bribery case today

Selasa, 30 Oktober 2018 / 09:45 WIB

The KPK will examine James Riady for the Meikarta bribery case today
ILUSTRASI. James Riady dan Meikarta City

KONTAN.CO.ID - JAKARTA. The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) scheduled an examination of Lippo Group CEO James Riady, Tuesday (10/30). The KPK will examine James as a witness in a case of alleged bribery in the permit process for the Meikarta development project in Cikarang, Bekasi Regency.

"Tomorrow (Tuesday), we are scheduled to summon James Riady as a witness in the alleged bribery case related to the Meikarta project," said KPK spokesman Febri Diansyah at the KPK building in Jakarta, Monday (10/29) night.

However, Febri was reluctant to explain the examination material to James Riady.

"I cannot say the examination material now because the examination has not been carried out," he said.

Febri revealed until now the KPK had examined 34 witnesses from Lippo Group, the Bekasi Regency Government and the West Java Provincial Government.

The KPK will focus on three things from witnesses. First, the Meikarta project development plan and the licensing issue. "Secondly, the KPK must also look at recommendations from the provincial government. Third, the KPK will investigate the source of bribes in this case whether it is private, corporate, or other money," said Febri.

The KPK has named nine suspects in this case. Billy Sindoro Lippo Group Operational Director, Taryudi Lippo Group Consultant, Fitra Djaja Purnama Konsultan Purnama, and Henry Jasmen Lippo Group employees are parties suspected of committing bribes.

The party suspected of accepting the bribe was Neneng Hasanah Yasin, Regent of Bekasi Regency, Jamaluddin, Head of the PUPR Office, Sahat MJB Nahar, Head of the District Fire Department. Bekasi, Dewi Tisnawati Head of the Bekasi District DPMPTSP Service, Neneng Rahmi Head of the Bekasi District PUPR Spatial Planning. (Translator: Barratut Taqiyyah Rafie)

Reporter: Barratut Taqiyyah Rafie
Editor: Barratut Taqiyyah Rafie

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