Temas (TMAS) Plans to Add 5 Fleet Ships in 2024

May 15, 2024, 02.25 AM  | Reporter: Leni Wandira
Temas (TMAS) Plans to Add 5 Fleet Ships in 2024

ILUSTRASI. PT TEMAS Tbk employees at the Temasline office building, Jakarta (11/6). TMAS launched 'KlikTemas', a system for the ordering process and picking up cargo at the port. KONTAN/Muradi/2021/06/11

LISTED COMPANY - JAKARTA. PT Temas Tbk, a prominent issuer providing maritime transportation services and its support, (TMAS plans to add five new fleets to maximize its performance in 2024.

The company secretary of Temas, Marthalia Vigita, reaffirmed the optimistic prospects for the shipping business for the remainder of this year, aiming to achieve the set targets.

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