Smartfren Telecom's ROSA Program: Disrupting the Home Internet Market Landscape

February 22, 2024, 10.42 PM  | Reporter: Sabrina Rhamadanty
Smartfren Telecom's ROSA Program: Disrupting the Home Internet Market Landscape

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CORPORATE STRATEGIC - JAKARTA. PT Smartfren Telecom Tbk (FREN) this year is taking part in the home internet competition, as evidenced by the launch of its Router Sahabat (ROSA) product. 

Sukaca Purwokardjono, Chief Marketing Officer of Smartfren, said that the launch of this product is in line with the spirit of Panca Garda, namely Garda Persatuan and Garda Pertumbuhan. 

“We designed the Smartfren Home RE11 or ROSA product as a product that makes it easier for people to get signals and become the best connectivity for families or to support business activities,” he revealed at the launch event in Central Jakarta, Thursday (22/02).

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Added by Merza Fachys, President Director of Smartfren, Rosa, according to him, has advantages over other home internet that use fiber optic. 

“If compared, for fiber optic to reach all corners of Indonesia, it requires serious investment and cost. Well, Smartfren has a solution, while waiting for fiber optic that we don't know when it will come, we present today a device that we call a home router,” he explained. 

He added that FREN is indeed targeting areas in Indonesia that have not yet and are difficult to pass by fiber optic. He added that the FREN area has targeted 70 cities/districts spread across Indonesia.  

On the same occasion, Muhammad Arif, Chairman of the Indonesian Internet Service Providers Association (APJII), said that according to an APJII survey, home internet users in Indonesia rank second after mobile internet users (cell phones). He also explained that home internet users in 2024 are predicted to increase by 3% to 5%. 

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“It has become a new habit that the trend will increase even though there is no more Covid-19. Many people have left the house, but usually, people who have subscribed to home internet during COVID-19 rarely unsubscribe, maybe if they switch providers, but if they stop using it, I don't think so,” he explained. 

More specifically, Sukaca also added that there are 3 groups or classes of people that the company targets as suitable to become ROSA customers.

“There are 3 groups of people, The first is people who have not been reached by FTTH services,” he said.

For information, FTTH is an internet network technology that uses fiber optic cables to connect user devices directly to the internet network.

FTTH is one of various alternative FTTX (Fiber To The X) networks. Other terms are Fiber To The Building (FTTB), Fiber To The Curb (FTTC), Fiber To The Tower (FTTT), or Fiber To The Zone (FTTZ).

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“The second is people who already use FTTH but have many rooms in their house. So if you want to move from room to room, you have to pull cables, you have to use cables if you use the internet,” he explained. 

And the third is for people who want to have good internet speed without fear of being hampered by optical cable damage.

“Usually FTTH if it's broken, it takes a long time. If the cable is cut or damaged, it takes a long time to fix. For consumers who already use home internet but the internet, the speed is slow. If with ROSA with our 4G technology, it will be better (the speed),” he concluded.

Editor: Syamsul Azhar

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