Sentul City's (BKSL) Profit Soars 103% to IDR 332.3 Billion in 2023

April 14, 2024, 01.45 AM  | Reporter: Shifa Nur Fadila
Sentul City's (BKSL) Profit Soars 103% to IDR 332.3 Billion in 2023

ILUSTRASI. Klaster perumahan yang dikembangkan PT Sentul City Tbk (BKSL).

LISTED COMPANY - JAKARTA. PT Sentul City Tbk (BKSL), a prominent Indonesian company, has reported a positive performance throughout 2023, as reflected in its significant profit surge.

According to the financial report released on the Indonesia Stock Exchange website, BKSL's profit attributable to the parent entity throughout 2023 reached IDR 332.3 billion. This figure represents a substantial growth of 103.7% compared to the previous year's IDR 163.16 billion.

Similarly, BKSL's revenue also experienced a significant increase, soaring by 155.56% to IDR 1.72 trillion as of December 31, 2023. In contrast, the company's revenue in 2022 was recorded at IDR 672.84 billion.

However, this revenue surge was accompanied by an increase in the cost of revenue, which reached IDR 960.06 billion throughout 2023. In the previous year, BKSL's cost of revenue was only IDR 235.02 billion.

Meanwhile, BKSL's assets in 2023 amounted to IDR 19.89 trillion, an 18.9% increase compared to IDR 16.72 trillion in 2022.

As for total liabilities in 2023, BKSL recorded IDR 4.75 trillion, a decrease from IDR 6.4 trillion in 2022.

Lastly, BKSL's equity in 2023 grew to IDR 15.1 trillion, up from IDR 10.3 trillion in 2022.

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Editor: Syamsul Azhar

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