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PT Pegadaian will offer stock pawn products

Kamis, 14 Maret 2019 / 15:45 WIB

PT Pegadaian will offer stock pawn products

KONTAN.CO.ID - JAKARTA. After being stopped in 2010, PT Pegadaian will offer back pawn products starting April 1, 2019.

However, not all shares can be accepted as mortgage guarantees. This state-owned company only accepts members of the LQ45 index, namely stocks that have high liquidity and large market capitalization.

"If you have shares like BRI, Telkom, and Astra, it is a good stock. If the price goes down, don't sell it directly but can be pawned. Later, after expensive prices can be redeemed," said Teguh Wahyono, Director of Information and Digital Technology at PT Pawnshop, Wednesday (2/13).

Pegadaian targets large investors who need capital to buy other more attractive stocks. Teguh gave an example, an investor has a B share portfolio and wants to add a portfolio in the form of C shares, so there are two ways that he can travel.

First, this investor issues new capital to buy C shares. Second, he can pawn B shares to get funds which are then used to buy C shares.

Through this new product, Pegadaian also targets employees and managers of company shareholders in the ESOP and MSOP programs.

According to Teguh, MSOP and ESOP share ownership has not been optimized. People who get shares from the company, on average, only store it in a brokerage company. "It is very unfortunate if it is not optimized and the price tends to rise," he said.

Teguh said, for Pegadaian itself, mortgage products have the potential to record distribution rates of up to Rp 150 billion per month. Pegadaian is certain to reach the target because this pawn product has large market potential.

Just for the record, the potential stock market capitalization reaches Rp 200 trillion. From this value, government pawn companies can take a 10% portion or around Rp 20 trillion-Rp 30 trillion.

"We can channel Rp 150 billion in financing per month and it is estimated that this year it can reach Rp. 800 billion. Moreover, we already have preparations," Teguh said.

Reporter: Ferrika Sari
Editor: Hasbi Maulana
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