PT Krakatau Sarana Properti Launches New Warehouse in Krakatau Industrial Area

February 21, 2024, 11.50 PM  | Reporter: Ahmad Febrian
PT Krakatau Sarana Properti Launches New Warehouse in Krakatau Industrial Area

ILUSTRASI. PT Krakatau Sarana Properti has a warehousing business in industrial areas. For example, CM1 Warehouse in the Krakatau I Cilegon Banten Industrial Area with a total area of 40,800 m2 with 17 units. Photo of PT Krakatau Sarana Properti

CORPORATE STRATEGIC - JAKARTA. Warehouses are an important infrastructure in business. Therefore, PT Krakatau Sarana Properti inaugurated a new warehouse located in Block C in the Krakatau II Industrial Area on Wednesday (21/02). This is an effort by PT Krakatau Sarana Properti to support infrastructure and business support in the Krakatau Industrial Area.

With the presence of these new warehouses, it is expected to expand capacity and provide better solutions for business actors in the area. The warehouse is located on Jl. Bali Krakatau II Industrial Area consists of four units with a size of 24 m x 66 m. And the area per warehouse reaches 1,584 m². The location of this warehouse is quite strategic and the design is following the needs of modern industry.

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"The launch of this Block C warehouse is an important step in efforts to increase capacity and operational efficiency in the Krakatau II Industrial Area. We hope these new warehouses can become one of the superior facilities that can meet the needs of the industry in this area, complementing the existing warehouse facilities," said Iip Arief Budiman, President Director of PT. Krakatau Sarana Properti in a written statement, Wednesday (21/2).

The inauguration of 4 warehouses in Block C complements the PT Krakatau Sarana Properti warehouse which currently totals 63 units in the Krakatau I Industrial Area and the Krakatau II Industrial Area.

The Operational Director of PT Krakatau Sarana Properti, Gersang Tarigan added, that with these new warehouses, they hope to provide more comprehensive solutions for business actors in this area, as well as support regional economic growth.

"PT Krakatau Engineering as a contractor that has been able to complete the project on time with a work period of exactly 150 days starting from August 28, 2023 to January 24, 2024," said Gersang Tarigan.


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