Pertamina Gas Eyes New Business Potential in Petrochemical Products and Clean Energy

February 23, 2024, 08.31 PM  | Reporter: Diki Mardiansyah
Pertamina Gas Eyes New Business Potential in Petrochemical Products and Clean Energy

ILUSTRASI. Pertagas will begin to develop new business potentials, after 16 years of involvement in the midstream and downstream oil and gas sector.

OIL AND GAS - JAKARTA. PT Pertamina Gas (Pertagas), a part of Pertamina's Gas Subholding, will start developing new business potentials, after 16 years of operating in the midstream and downstream oil and gas sector.

Pertagas Corporate Secretary Muhammad Baron stated, as an infrastructure company in the field of energy transition, Pertagas plans to develop new business potentials through the development of petrochemical products and the clean energy sector.

PT Pertamina Gas was established on February 23, 2007, to fulfill the provisions of Law Number 22 of 2001 and the increasing need for gas commodities in Indonesia as an alternative energy to replace environmentally friendly fuel oil, while also providing added value to gas business.

Baron revealed, in addition to the gas and oil transportation business segment, gas trading, processing and regasification, Pertagas will also develop other businesses, such as energy pipeline infrastructure development, electricity gasification infrastructure development.

In addition, Pertagas is also eyeing the management of palm oil waste into biomethane or bioethanol, infrastructure development for gray/green/blue hydrogen and green/blue ammonia, to supporting infrastructure for carbon capture utilization & storage (CCUS) Gas which plays an important role in energy transition, considering the amount of emissions produced is lower than other energy sources, such as oil and coal. 

"This is a positive thing for Pertagas considering that Indonesia still has quite large gas reserves. However, Pertagas also has a long-term plan in the development of clean energy business,” said Baron in an official statement, Friday (23/2).

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Pertagas has assets in the midstream to downstream sector, including gas transmission pipelines, oil transmission, gas processing, LNG regasification and other energy distribution supporting infrastructure in Indonesia.

Pertagas has built and managed gas transmission pipelines for more than 2,809 km, oil pipelines 605 km, two LPG Plants with a capacity of 1130 tons per day, regasification terminals with a capacity of 400 BBtud and LNG Hub with a capacity of 127,000 M3.

“Pertagas has also built the Rokan Oil Pipeline and has flowed oil, and has carried out the commissioning of the Senipah-Balikpapan Gas Pipeline,” said Baron.

Until now, continued Baron, Pertagas has built and managed the Arun Belawan Gas Pipeline; Duri-Dumai Gas Pipeline; Grisik-Pusri Gas Pipeline; Gresik-Semarang Gas Pipeline;  Muara Karang – Muara Tawar Gas Pipeline; Porong-Grati Gas Pipeline; Tempino – Plaju Oil Pipeline; PSG LPG Plant; Arun LNG Filling Station Facility; Bontang LNG Filling Station Facility;  Arun Regasification Terminal, and Tambak Lorok CNG.

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