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Pablo Cheese tart closes all stores in Singapore

Selasa, 12 Maret 2019 / 14:39 WIB

Pablo Cheese tart closes all stores in Singapore
ILUSTRASI. Pablo Cheesetart Jepang

KONTAN.CO.ID - JAKARTA. After running outlets in Singapore for 19 months, Pablo Cheese Tart has now closed all of them, following the shutdown of its stores in Malaysia, Retail News Asia reports. 

The factory's first store in Wisma Atria opened in August 2017 and was well-attended. No further information about the closing have been provided yet. However, the company´s Facebook account has already been deactivated. 

Pablos Cheese Tart stores in Malaysia have not been operating since last July. Customers had reportedly complained about high prices and the tart’s substandard taste. 

Meanwhile, in Indonesia, the brand seems to have a somewhat stronger presence and it opened a third store at Mall Kelapa Gading 5 in North Jakarta in January last year, complementing its two branches in Gandaria City in South Jakarta and Central Park Neo Soho in West Jakarta. 

On Instagram, it regularly posts updates regarding new products and promos, such as the recently introduced new menu item of baked cheese churros. 

Sumber : The Jakarta Post
Editor: Herlina Kartika
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