Next year, credit may increase by 12%

Kamis, 15 September 2016 / 18:36 WIB

Next year, credit may increase by 12%

JAKARTA. Domestic banking sector is optimistic in welcoming 2107, on the grounds that 2017 State Budget (APBN 2017) predicts that credit allocation may increase by 12% under the assumption that Gross Domestic Product (GDP) will grow about 5.2%.

President Director of PT Bank OCBC NISP Tbk Parwati Surjaudaja said that domestic bankers have similar projection as State Budget's prediction. “It is still early to make prediction. However, it is possible that the credit will grow by 12%-16%”, Parwati explained on Wedensday (14/9). 

In the next year, OCBC NISP will  target the segments of individual, corporate, as well as small and medium enterprises for credit allocation. As an information, OCBC set the target of 10%-16% of growth in 2016.

Corporate Secretary of PT Bank Mandiri Tbk Rohan Hafas said that Bank Mandiri will be selective in allocating the credits. The bank prefers to target the segments of corporate, as well as small and medium enterprises. Bank Mandiri itself has set the target of 15% of growth for  credit allocation for both sectors.

For corporate segment, Bank Mandiri sets higher credit allocation target to infrastructure sector, on the grounds that credit for infrastructure will support government projects. The bank is ready to offer a long-term credit for infrastructure sector. 

Based on Bank Mandiri estimation, credit allocation for the segment of small and medium enterprises will continue to grow, since the sector is resistant in anticipating worse economy situation.

However, Rohan explained that Bank Mandiri will restrict credit allocation for small and medium enterprises on commodities sector. According to Rohan, commodities sector recently tends to be sluggish, and the number of non performing loan (NPL) in this sector has increased. “Credit allocation for the segment of small and medium enterprises will grow slowly in the range of 5%-7% in the next year”, Rohan said.

According to President Director of PT Maybank Indonesia Tbk Taswin Zakaria, the bank will set the credit growth in accordance with government's direction. Maybank Indonesia estimates that the credit for the segments of small and medium enterprises, corporate, and cosumption still has potential to grow.

Taswin  estimates that credit performance will improve following national economy recovery. This year, Maybank Indonesia set the target of one-digit credit growth at 9%, or almost similar with  projection of BI (the Central Bank) that targeted 6%-7% of growth.

Meanwhile, President Director of Bank Central Asia (BCA) Jahja Setiaatmadja said that the bank has not yet made prediction for credit growth in 2017, on the grounds that the bank still needs to review the data of credit realization in the third and fourth quarters of 2016. (Translator: Muhammad Farid)



Reporter: Nina Dwiantika
Editor: Sanny Cicilia
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