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Net1 donates free internet services to support the acceleration of COVID-19 handling

Senin, 02 November 2020 / 17:08 WIB
Net1 donates free internet services to support the acceleration of COVID-19 handling
ILUSTRASI. Dukung penanganan corona, Net1 Indonesia donasikan perangkat dan layanan internet gratis.

Reporter: Tendi Mahadi | Editor: Tendi Mahadi

KONTAN.CO.ID - JAKARTA. PT Sampoerna Telekomunikasi Indonesia (Net1 Indonesia) as a Sampoerna Strategic Group announced its support for the efforts to accelerate the handling of COVID-19 and to restore the national economy. Aiming to support the COVID-19 response activities throughout the archipelago, assistance is being  provided for one year - in the form of free-of-charge internet access devices and services - to 500 hospitals within the Net1 Indonesia wireless service network.

CEO of Sampoerna Strategic Group, Michael Sampoerna on Monday said he believe that connectivity is a key factor in managing a response and recovery program from the pandemic, especially in terms of delivering the latest health-related information, enhancing coordination between government agencies at the central and regional levels, and facilitating both working and learning from home.

"Learning from the readiness of disaster response infrastructure in other countries, such as National Crisis Management Network, in the face of various national crises, the characteristics of our 450 MHz network spectrum are suitable for covering a wide geographic area, and for offering proven performance reliability for emergency services personnel. We hope to play a similar role in this country,” said Michael on his statement.

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CEO of PT Sampoerna Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Andri Pranata said currently Net1 free internet access devices and services have been installed and are being utilized by 141 hospitals throughout Indonesia. “This support will continue as we expand the aid program to a total of 500 hospitals. Through this donation – with a total value of 30 billion rupiah -  we hope that the reliability of Indonesia's Net1 service network will play a role in breaking the chain of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said him.

The Minister of SOEs RI as well as Chief Executive of the Committee for Handling COVID-19 and National Economic Recovery, Erick Thohir said government appreciate Sampoerna Strategic Group's steps in supporting the public communications strategy for the program of COVID-19 handling and recovery in Indonesia. 

He said internet connectivity certainly plays a very important role in delivering up-to-date information in a clear and transparent manner. This is especially critical regarding the status of the vaccine development, in order to maintain and increase public trust.

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"We believe this assistance will contribute to the achievement of our three priorities going forward, namely towards a Healthy Indonesia, Indonesia Works and Indonesia Grows. The government is also always open to synergizing with strategic partners in the future to build the nation we love,” added Erick.

Net1 Indonesia's services currently reach 45,000 villages and Puskesmas (community health clinics) in more than 300 districts throughout the country.


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