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Mt. Gede Pangrango to be closed in mid-August

Minggu, 07 Juli 2019 / 09:35 WIB
Mt. Gede Pangrango to be closed in mid-August

Sumber: The Jakarta Post | Editor: Wahyu Rahmawati

KONTAN.CO.ID - JAKARTA. A dry spell expected at the height of the dry season in mid-August has prompted authorities to announce a temporary closure of Mt. Gede Pangrango for the public.

In a circular dated July 1, the Mt. Gede Pangrango National Park office explains that the measure is aimed at anticipating the risk of forest fire, improving security in the area and conducting a clean-up operation, kompas.com reported.

The closure is to be in effect for 10 days, from Aug. 12 to 21.

This means visitors will be unable to celebrate Independence Day at the mountain on Aug. 17.

Temporary closure of the park due to adverse weather conditions is common in August.

A staff member of the national park authority said the Mt. Gede Pangrango national park had been closed for a week in August 2017.

“A few more years back, the temporary closure because of dry weather lasted a whole month,” the staff member told kompas.com.


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