MPX Logistics (MPXL) Targets Revenue Up to Rp 222 Billion

February 16, 2024, 07.11 PM  | Reporter: Sabrina Rhamadanty
MPX Logistics (MPXL) Targets Revenue Up to Rp 222 Billion

ILUSTRASI. Logistic transport services PT MPX Logistics International Tbk.

ISSUER - JAKARTA. PT MPX Logistics International Tbk (MPXL) is targeting a revenue of IDR 222 billion or a 59% increase year on year (YoY) in 2024 compared to the revenue in 2023.  

MPXL's Finance Director, James S Chandra, said this target was set because the company is optimistic about the increase in the transportation and logistics sector this year. 

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"We see developments in the transportation and logistics sector optimistically continuing to grow, along with the many development projects from both the government and private sector,” James revealed when contacted by Kontan, Friday (16/02).  

To achieve this target, James also revealed that MPXL will add as many as 50 fleet units this year. 

“The estimated investment fund requirement (fleet addition) is IDR 75 billion and MPXL's subsidiary, PT MPX Indorental Gemilang, will also purchase heavy equipment for projects in IKN worth IDR 20 billion,” added James. 

Then, regarding the capital expenditure budget or capital expenditure (capex), James said this year's capex will be allocated for fleet addition only, so this year's capex fund will adjust to the procurement fund of the new fleet.

“But it does not rule out the possibility of purchasing new pools or workshops in strategic locations to support MPXL's operations,” he revealed.

Regarding the development of the transportation and warehousing business sector this year, Supply Chain Indonesia (SCI) previously predicted the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the business field or transportation and warehousing sector to be IDR 1,436.1 trillion in 2024. 

In response to this prediction, James said the company has also projected an increase in its business in the transportation sector in line with SCI's prediction with an increase of about 14% YoY.

“It can be seen together that post-Covid-19, there are many infrastructure developments gradually and evenly, Toll road construction has started to connect in several regions, so the economy is improving, supported by the transportation-warehousing sector," he said.

"And currently, the IKN Mega Project is also one of the triggers for the increase in GDP in the transportation sector,” James concluded.

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