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IDX Composite plunged 1.01% to 6,382,799 in the morning session

Kamis, 25 April 2019 / 13:56 WIB

IDX Composite plunged 1.01% to 6,382,799 in the morning session

KONTAN.CO.ID - JAKARTA. The Composite Stock Price Index (IHSG) fell in the first session of trading, Thursday (25/4). Quoting RTI, the index was corrected as deep as 1.01% (65.119 points) to 6,382,799.

The price of 226 stocks fell, 137 stocks rose, and 108 stocks did not change from yesterday's closing price. Trading volume reached 8.09 billion stocks with a transaction value of Rp.4.48 trillion.
Ten sectoral indices also fell. The most profound decline hit the construction sector (-1.84%) followed by the basic industrial sector (-1.74%), and various industrial sectors (-1.67%).

Some of the LQ45 index members' shares that go down the most include:

  • - PT Charoen Pokhand Tbk (CPIN), down 6.22% to Rp 5,275
  • - PT Waskita Karya (Persero) Tbk (WSKT), down 4.19% to Rp 2,060
  • - PT PP (Persero) Tbk (PTPP), down 4.08% to Rp 2,350

The LQ45 shares which rose in price include;

  • - PT Media Nusantara Citra Tbk (MNCN), rose 5.59% to Rp. 945
  • - PT Matahari Department Store Tbk (LPPF), rose 3.33% to Rp 4,030
  • - PT Surya Citra Media Tbk (SCMA), rose 0.88% to Rp 1,725

In the morning trading session, foreigners booked a net sell of Rp 439.426 billion in the regular market. On all trading boards, foreign net sell is up to Rp. 190,257 billion.

Reporter: Hasbi Maulana
Editor: Hasbi Maulana

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