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There were no Pupuk Indonesia executives caught in the KPK arrest

Sabtu, 30 Maret 2019 / 08:55 WIB
There were no Pupuk Indonesia executives caught in the KPK arrest

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Reporter: Yudho Winarto | Editor: Yudho Winarto

KONTAN.CO.ID - JAKARTA. PT Pupuk Indonesia firmly stated that none of their executives are in the ‘KPK Arrest’ on Wednesday (27/3). As stated in the Corruption-Eradicating Commission press conference, The PT Pupuk Indonesia’s Executive were there on KPK’s invitation to give clarifications and also to cooperate in the effort of upholding the law.

Head of Corporate Communication of Pupuk Indonesia, Wijaya Laksana said that this event has nothing to do with the distribution of fertilizer, whether subsidized fertilizer or non-subsidized fertilizer. “The distribution of fertilizer, especially subsidized fertilizer will not be bothered by this event,” Wijaya said in a statement on Friday.

Wijaya also said that as a State-Owned Company which upholds integrity and runs a Good Corporate Governance, Pupuk Indonesia’s Management will always be cooperative and supportive to the KPK cause in eradicating corruption.

Wijaya said that Pupuk Indonesia itself was not directly involved with PT HTK on any contract. In accordance with the KPK Clarification, PT HTK signed the work contract with PT Pupuk Indonesia subsidiary company specialized in the field of Business Logistic and Shipping called PT Pupuk Indonesia Logistik and the work contract was done according/in accordance with the rule.

“The form of cooperation includes Ship Rent Agreement, and the said Ship was also used to carry Ammonia and other items,” said Wijaya.

Even so, Pupuk Indonesia will take this experience as an important lesson to increase its concerns on applying a cleaner and more transparent Corporate Governance. And, will also increase its inspection towards the operational activity in PT Pupuk Indonesia and also its subsidiary companies.

All this time, Pupuk Indonesia is always committed in applying a good corporate governance, including to prevent any corruption activity in the company through the implementation of the Whistleblowing system, mandatory-fulfilment of Wealth report (LHKPN), Integrity pact, and so on. Its commitment in applying GCG values in this business has been proven by its success in maintaining GCG Score with the predicate of “Very Good” (Sangat Baik) since the year 2016.

Other than that, Pupuk Indonesia also received Gratification Control Awards as the best State-Owned Company Gratification Control Unit in 2015 by the Corruption-Eradication Commission.

This Award was given based on its commitment in submitting its Gratification reports which were collected by the company. Later on, Corruption-Eradicating Commission again awarded Pupuk Indonesia as the Best Organization in Implementing its E-Wealth Report (E-LHKPN) in 2017.

That award was received based on ‘Collectivity level’ of Wealth Report of its executives in the company.


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