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Here are the Five Reasons Why Sandwich Generation Invests at Bibit.id

Jumat, 25 November 2022 / 17:36 WIB
Here are the Five Reasons Why Sandwich Generation Invests at Bibit.id

Reporter: Noverius Laoli | Editor: Noverius Laoli

KONTAN.CO.ID -  JAKARTA. Sandwich generation basically refers to someone who has a dual role to be responsible for the lives of the generation above them – namely the parents or family who raised them, and the gSandwich generation eneration below – namely the children or the family they are currently raising. 

Being a sandwich generation is not easy, but that does not mean there are no smart ways to do it.

Bibit.id, an investment application for mutual funds and Government Securities (SBN), is present through its various features and innovations to help break the chain of sandwich generation. 

Bibit PR & Corporate Communication Lead, William, said that many of the users are part of the sandwich generation. On one hand they have heavy responsibilities, and on the other hand they also have dreams and financial goals that they are building and trying to achieve.

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According to William, there are at least five reasons why the sandwich generation chose to invest at Bibit. 

Firstly, Bibit is unquestionably credible. Bibit is an investment application licensed and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK). 

Thus, people could have peace of mind when they invest. Bibit has also received recognition as one of the best investment applications in the country, which was realized by winning the Best Fintech Company award at the CNBC Indonesia Awards 2021 and the Indonesia WOW Brand 2022 award from MarkPlus, Inc. for the investment application category.

As a distribution partner of SBN sales, Bibit has also proven to be a very trusted partner by the community. 

In the issuance of the Retail State Bond series ORI022 on September 26-20 October 2022 and the retail SBSN series SR017 on August 19-14 September 2022, Bibit became the Distribution Partner for the Fintech category, which scored the most sales on ORI022 and SR017 offerings. 

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Previously, in the sale of Retail Savings Bonds SBR011 series on May 25-16 June 2022, Bibit also became a Distribution Partner for the Fintech category which recorded the highest number of investors.

Secondly, this is due to sandwich generation busy thinking about their family, sometimes they forget or do not even know what their risk profile is or what investment instrument is the most optimal for their financial goals. 

At Bibit, users can invest according to their risk profile with the help of the Bibit Robo Advisor, which is scientifically tested and can be used for free.

Thirdly, there is a Goal Setting feature that can be used to make investments more focused in order to achieve financial goals. 

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For example, for the sandwich generation who intends to raise Rp150 million in children's education funds within the next five years, Bibit’s Goal Setting feature can calculate how much money needs to be invested each month.

Fourth, in the midst of a life full of uncertainty and various possibilities, the sandwich generation can calmly keep their emergency fund at Bibit. 

Through collaboration with Bank Jago, Bibit has presented the Instant Redemption feature. Whereas mutual fund disbursement usually takes 1-7 working days, Bibit users who are already connected to Bank Jago or Bank Jago Syariah can withdraw their mutual fund investments and receive sales funds within seconds, including on public holidays and holidays.

Lastly, apart from conventional mutual fund products, the sandwich generation can also invest in a wide selection of Sharia mutual fund products at Bibit. To start investing is also very simple and can be done with a minimum fund (Rp100,000 and even Rp10,000).

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“As investing is not just a matter of one or two days, people need a credible and trustworthy partner to help them. In this case, Bibit is honoured to be the main choice of investment platform for the sandwich generation,” William concluded.

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