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EP Larasati sentenced 2.5 years in prison

Selasa, 20 Desember 2016 / 15:11 WIB
EP Larasati sentenced 2.5 years in prison

Reporter: Hendra Gunawan | Editor: Rizki Caturini

JAKARTA. EP Lestari, the convict of fraud investment was finally sentenced 2.5 years in prison. The judge mentioned that the former employee of PT Reliance Securities Tbk was found guilty of committing fraud investment and detriment the customers.

The judge stated that Larasati was proven to collect customers’ funds to be invested in the serie FR0035 government bond. She also promised to provide yields of the investment to the customers.

However, when the bonds were matured, she failed to return the funds and detrimented the customers. “She was found guilty of fraudulent individually and together,” said Presiding Judge of the trial Bambang Budi Warsito, Monday (19/12).

Inggrid Wiryawan, the former customer of Larasati unsatisfied with the decision, as she wanted her money back. Ingrid had invested as much as Rp 1.5 billion to Larasati. Therefore, Inggrid will file a lawsuit against Larasati over money laundering to reveal the fraudulent. Some of the victims of Larasati presented at that trial session. They came from Jakarta, Bandung, and Makassar.

The lawyer of the six victims, who came from Makassar, Leonardo H Kadir claimed to have reported Larasati to South Sulawesi Police Office. His six clients had invested as much as Rp 10 billion funds. He expects that another trial session can be held in Makassar.

However, they have to be patient, as Larasari will still have to face eight other reports of fraudulent cases, which involved a worth of Rp 450 billion investments.

The lawyer of Larasati was disappointed of the judge’s decision, on the grounds that during the trial session the judge did not reveal the role of Reliance, which was led by Nicky Hogan when the case occurred.

As information, recently Nicky Hogan is one of directors of Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). “The case was supposed to involve Nicky as the superior of Larasati at that time. We will appeal,” he said.

Aside of appeal, Yanuar said that Larasati will file a lawsuit against Reliance over falsifying her working period. Yanuar added that Larasati had worked for Reliance until 2015. However, the company claimed that she worked for Reliance only until 2014.

KONTAN has not yet received respond from Reliance related this matter. Meanwhile, Nicky refused to make any comment on the verdict against Larasati. “I am out of the town. I have no comment,” he said.

(Muhammad Farid/translator)


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