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E-toll is open for all state owned banks

Jumat, 11 November 2016 / 17:15 WIB

E-toll is open for all state owned banks

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Jakarta. Starting in late November, all kinds of electronic money (e-money) issued by the state owned banks (Himbara) can be used as a payment instrument on all intra urban toll roads. At the initial stage, starting from 10 November 2016 the e-money issued by all Himbara’s banks can be used at six toll gates.

Director of Operation I at Jasa Marga Muh Najib Fauzan said that the six toll gates include Halim, Cililitan, Kapuk, Cengkareng, Tanjung Priok 1, and Tanjung Priok 2 toll gates.

As an information, as of September 2016, the e-toll transactions at the inter urban toll gates comprised 30% and 22.9% of the total toll roads’ traffics and national traffics, respectively. Aside of Himbara, private bank also has opportunity to enjoy the e-toll business.

SVP Transaction Banking Retail of Bank Mandiri Rahmat Broto Triaji said that the private banks probably may involve in e-toll business after 2018.

Clearly, the opening access to e-toll for all state owned banks is predicted to increase the non-cash payment at toll gates by 50%. The state owned banks or Himbaras include Bank Mandiri, Bank Rakyat Indonesia, Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) and Bank Tabungan Negara (BTN).

Actually, Bank Mandiri has invested Rp 40 billion-Rp 50billion to establish the e-toll system. Bank Mandiri is the only bank, which has secured the exclusive cooperation rights in e-toll business with toll road operator since 2008.

Even though now all state owned banks can involve in e-toll business, Bank Mandiri remains optimistic to be able to boost the growth of e-money business.

Remains growing

Bank Mandiri is targeting to increase the e-Money transaction value from Rp 211 billion per month to Rp 350 billion per month by expanding to parking business.

Rahmat claimed that Bank Mandiri has surpassed its rival Bank Central Asia (BCA) in the market shares of electronic money in parking business. As of September 2016, Bank Mandiri has issued 8.26 million cards, up to 33% on annual basis.

Meanwhile, BRI, which benefits from the e-toll business, is optimistic that the transaction volume of the electronic money under the brand of Brizzi will increase by 30% from Rp 22 billion per month in October 2016. Head of Transaction Banking Division at BRI Solichin Lutfiyanto said that BRI is applying the strategy of expanding the merchants for top up in order to increase the transaction value.

Head of E-Banking Division of BNI Diyah Permata Widiastuti estimated that the involvement of BNI in e-toll business will increase the transaction value of BNI Tap Cash doubled from Rp 5 billion for a month as of October 2016.

As the newest player in the e-money business, BTN aims at increasing the number of circulated electronic money to 200,000 cards by the end of 2016. BTN involves in the business of electronic money through co-branding with Bank Mandiri under the name of B-Link.

After established in e-toll business, Himbara will implemet the integration in EDC business. In December 2016, the EDC business of Himbara will reach four major merchants, including Alfamart, Pegadaian, Pertamina Retail and Carrefour.


Reporter: Galvan Yudistira
Editor: Adi Wikanto
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