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Car sales crept up by 3%

Kamis, 15 September 2016 / 18:18 WIB
Car sales crept up by 3%

Reporter: Juwita Aldiani | Editor: Sanny Cicilia

JAKARTA. During January-August 2016, car sales grew by 3% to 691,042, mostly driven by the increase in the sales of some of car brands, which have large market segments. 

Association of Indonesian Automotive Industries recorded that in August 2016 the car sales hiked by 54% to 96,294 units. The number of the car sales in August 2016 increased by 6.3% compared to the same period in 2105.

Some car brands recored increase in sales, namely Toyota, Honda, and Daihatsu, which are marketed by PT Toyota Astra Motor, PT Honda Prospect Motor, and PT Astra Daihatsu Motor, respectively.

Acvording to Vice President of Toyota Astra Motor Henry Tanoto, the marketing of new products and the exhibition of Gaikindo Indonesia International Motor Show (GIIAS) have contributed to the increase in car sales. “We are still targeting 33% of market share”, Henry told Kontan on Wednesday (14/9).

As in information, one of the new products that jacked up the number of Toyota's sales in August is the low cost green car (LCGC) Ayla, which was sold by 9,241 units. In the same month, Daihatsu also recorded increase in sales by selling 5,734 units of LCGC Sigra.

Marketing&After Sales Service Director of Honda Prospect Motor Jonfis Fandy also admitted that increase in sales was triggered by marketing of new products and 2016 GIIAS exhibition. “In August 2016, we led automotive market share for certain segments”, Jonfis said.

However, South Korea, the United States of America (the US), and Europe's car brands have different story.

Since the beginning of the year until August 2016, Hyundai's sales drop by 18% to 876 units compared to the same period in 2015. 

According to Presiden Director of Hyundai Motor Indonesia Mukiat Sutikno, under this condition the company sets realistic target of sales for 2016. “Achieving the same number of sales as in 2015 is already enough for us”, said Mukiat. As an information, Hyundai recorded 1,511 units of car sales. 

Aside of Hyundai Motor Indonesia, PT Nissan Motor Indonesia's car sales also dropped along January-August 2016. Nissan's car sales dropped by 47% from 18.849 units during January-August 2015 to 9,980 units in the same period in 2016. However, Nissan recorded 27% of increase in sales of LCGC Datsun.

General Manager Marketing Strategy&Communication Division Nisan Motor Indonesia Budi Nur Mukmin expected that Nissan can maintain the 5.5% of car market share in Indonesia. (Translator: Muhammad Farid)