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Bizzy targets IDR 5 trillion consolidated turnover

Jumat, 26 Juli 2019 / 18:39 WIB
Bizzy targets IDR 5 trillion consolidated turnover

Reporter: Havid Vebri | Editor: Yoyok

KONTAN.CO.ID - JAKARTA. Bizzy.co.id, a pioneer of business to business (B2B) marketplace and electronic procurement platform, has expanded its business service reach to the logistics and distribution sector to become a full supply chain. 

With the integration of the expansion of service coverage into the two new sectors, Bizzy targets a consolidated turnover to increase to Rp 5 trillion this year.

"Our target with this integration and expanding coverage to logistics and distribution, consolidated turnover can reach Rp 5 trillion," said Andrew Mawikere, CEO of Bizzy.co.id in Jakarta, Friday (26/7).

According to him, the consolidated turnover target grew 40% compared to last year. "Bizzy.co.id is eager to work together with Bizzy Logistics and Bizzy Distribution. The three companies together have a strong asset base and complementary experience in their respective industries, namely procurement, logistics and distribution, thus providing greater opportunities for new growth and services that benefit customers, partners and shareholders," said Andrew who is also the CEO of Bizzy Group.

After collaboration and integration, Bizzy Group will have four services consisting of Bizzy Marketplace, Bizzy Consolidation, Bizzy Logistics, and Bizzy Distribution. 
"With this synergy, Bizzy Group will be one step closer to realizing its mission to support a clean economy by transforming and growing B2B ecosystems in Indonesia, and then in Southeast Asia," he explained.

Andrew added, Bizzy Group is currently building an integrated digital platform to transform and improve existing services, such as procurement, logistics and distribution. Bizzy will integrate these services smoothly to create an end-to-end digital supply chain in Indonesia.

He explained, Bizzy Marketplace and Bizzy Consolidation will bring customers to new levels of performance, increase operational efficiency, and expand access to local vendors nationally by utilizing existing logistics hubs in 10 cities, distribution centers in 26 cities, and Bizzy remote in 15 cities.

Whereas Bizzy Logistics, which was founded in 1992, has developed into a world-class integrated logistics company in Indonesia. Bizzy Logistics has built a strong asset base and provides quality and consistent services. 

The company has collaborated with many leading retail companies, manufacturers, logistics services companies, freight forwarders, wholesalers, and general traders to provide successful logistics services including international freight forwarding and customs, supply chains and transportation.

While Bizzy Distribution is a distribution company for fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), which has 25 years of experience, has 26 branches, and 100 sub-distributors in Indonesia. 

Bizzy Distribution sells and distributes consumer goods products from major FMCG brands to traditional trade, modern trade and food services with a total of 200,000 distribution points in Indonesia.

"As one of Bizzy's shareholders, we are proud to have joined Bizzy's growth journey from the beginning to the present. "We believe that by building industry-leading solutions in supply chain services, Bizzy Group will be able to drive efficiency in logistics and distribution, and strengthen the economic inclusiveness of digital businesses in Indonesia," said Wilson Cuaca, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of East Ventures. 


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