Between Coffee, Investment, and Inspiration in going Through the Day

March 12, 2023, 04.10 PM  | Reporter: Noverius Laoli
Between Coffee, Investment, and Inspiration in going Through the Day

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INVESTING -  JAKARTA. There are various perspectives in interpreting a cup of coffee. It can be about the taste, the story behind it, or it can also be about how coffee becomes a part of daily life for Indonesians, from big cities to remote areas.

Some say coffee is a marker of the start of the day, a catalyst for inspiration, or a companion in investing. All of these are true, and this is what underpins the collaboration between, and Common Grounds, a coffee shop that has been present in Indonesia since 2014.

The collaboration entitled "Investing for Everyday People" runs from January 6 to March 31, 2023. During this period, visitors to Common Grounds stores can enjoy a cup of coffee with Bibit Latte Art on top, while exposed to the investment messages shared by Bibit. Head of Digital Marketing, Angie Anandita Tjhatra, stated that the collaboration is a reminder to the public that, like coffee, investment is a part of our daily lives.

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“Just as easy as sipping coffee, investing with Bibit is so much convenient, fast, and simple. People can also sleep soundly because as an investment application that is licensed and supervised by the Financial Services Authority, Bibit invites people to invest to achieve their financial goals,” said Angie in press release, Monday (12/3).

People can invest in safe mutual fund instruments, and the selection of products can be tailored to different users' risk profiles. Bibit collaborates with the best investment managers and offers more than 100 mutual fund products, both conventional and Sharia-based.

As an Official Distribution Partner for the sale of State Securities officially appointed by the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia, Bibit also invites people to invest while building the country through the retail series of Sharia State Securities (SBSN) SR018, which can be purchased on Bibit from March 3-29, 2023.

“We invite the public to diversify their investment portfolios in various mutual fund products. We also encourage people to invest consistently and for the long term because this method has been proven to provide optimal results and help investors achieve a better financial future. But at the same time, we also hope that people can continue to enjoy the taste of coffee according to their preferences without feeling guilty or worried that their finances or investments will be disrupted,” Angie added.

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Reading the story of Common Grounds reminds us of their mission to create a space for people of all ages, religions, ethnicities, professions, and interests. As such, all of these people are able to gather, discover, and build relationships through their love of coffee.

Similarly to coffee, investing in Bibit is not much different. Anyone, regardless of their background, can start investing in Bibit with a minimum nominal amount, free buying and selling fees, and receive good service supported by a Live 24/7 Customer Support.

On the other hand, the story behind coffee is about investment and serious economic value. According to the Indonesian Coffee Statistics 2021 report released by the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), Indonesia's coffee export value in 2021 has reached US$ 859 million with the United States, Egypt, Spain, Malaysia, and Japan as the top five export destinations.

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This indicates the strong interest of international communities in the distinctive flavours of Indonesian coffee. In the same report, it is shown that 99.32% of total coffee production in Indonesia is produced by smallholder plantations located in South Sumatra (27%), Lampung (15%), North Sumatra (10%), Aceh (9%), Bengkulu (8%), and 28 other provinces (31%).

“Last but not least, we hope this collaboration can also be a reminder for everyone to have a culture of investment awareness and always remember that investment is a part of their daily lives as well,” Angie concluded.

Editor: Noverius Laoli

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