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Batubara Regent arrested in KPK raid

Kamis, 14 September 2017 / 14:18 WIB
Batubara Regent arrested in KPK raid

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Reporter: The Jakarta Post | Editor: Dessy Rosalina

KONTAN.CO.ID - Investigators from the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) arrested seven people, including the regent, in an operation in Batubara regency in North Sumatra on Wednesday.

KPK spokesman Febri Diansyah confirmed the arrests. “All seven people were handed over to the North Sumatra Police,” he said on Wednesday.

One of them is Batubara regent OK Karya Zulkarnaen, who had been questioned by the antigraft agency at the police headquarters before being taken to Jakarta, North Sumatra Police spokesman Sr. Comr. RIna Sari Ginting said.

The arrestees also included regency officials and individuals from private businesses, Febri said, while declining to give details on who had been named suspects in the case.

Besides apprehending the seven people, investigators also seized cash believed to be gratuities in return for projects in Batubara regency.

“We suspect there were gifts being handed over in relation to several projects there,” Febri said.

The team would transfer the seven suspects to the KPK headquarters in Jakarta for further questioning, he said, adding that there would be a press conference on the matter on Thursday.


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