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Banks set realistic targets

Rabu, 30 November 2016 / 13:36 WIB

Banks set realistic targets

JAKARTA. Ahead of the end of 2016, several banks have started arranging the bank’s business plan (RBB) for 2016. The RBB reflects that the banks tend to set realistic targets.

For example, Bank Mandiri targets to secure a 12% credit growth in the next year, or equal with this year. The bank itself targets to increase the third party funds by 8%-10% in 2017.

Corporate Secretary of Bank Mandiri Rohan Hafas stated that the bank does not set high target for the third party funds growth, on the grounds that Bank Mandiri still has sufficient funding sources.

Bank Mandiri plans to drive the micro and corporate sectors to achieve the target of credit growth. “Our infrastructure credit is high,” he said. Previously, President Director of Bank Mandiri Kartika Wirjoatmodjo said that Bank Mandiri will focus on corporate, consumer, and micro credits.

Bank Mandiri’s corporate credit is expected to grow by above of 12%. The bank also targets to secure a 20% increase in consumer credit, thanks to the relaxing of the loan to value or LTV’s rules on mortgages.

Bank Bukopin also sets the targets, which are not much different with this year. The bank sets a 10% increase in credit. “I think the targets will not be different with this year,” said President Director of Bukopin Glen Genardi.

However, Glen is optimistic that Bukopin may secure a 14% increase in third party funds. As comparison, Bukopin had set the targets of credit and third party funds growths at the level of 12%-14% and 14%, respectively.

Bank Central Asia (BCA) also sets realistic targets for 2017. The banks, which is affiliated with Djarum Group, targets to book 10%-11% and 5%-8% growth of credit and third party funds, respectively in the next year.

However, Bank Tabungan Negara (BTN) sets more optimistic targets for 2017. President Director of BTN Maryono said that the bank targets to secure 18%-20% credit growth in 2017.

“The credit growth will be supported by the mortgages of one million housing program,” said Maryono in Rembang (Central Java), Monday (29/11). The optimism was driven by the increase in the budget for the one million housing program from Rp 9 trillion in this year to Rp 15 trillion.

(Translator/Muhammad Farid)

Reporter: Galvan Yudistira, Laurensius Marshall Sautlan Sitanggang
Editor: Dupla KS
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