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Bank Mandiri issued $ 750 million medium-term notes

Jumat, 12 April 2019 / 15:39 WIB
Bank Mandiri issued $ 750 million medium-term notes

Reporter: Laurensius Marshall Sautlan Sitanggang | Editor: Komarul Hidayat

KONTAN.CO.ID - JAKARTA. PT Bank Mandiri Tbk (BMRI, anggota indeks Kompas100 index) issued a Euro Medium Term Notes (EMTN) worth $ 750 million with a 5-year tenor and a coupon of 3.75%. These bonds, which are due on April 11, 2024, will be used for general bank purposes.

In the book building process, Bank Mandiri received requests in excess of  $ 3 billion or four times oversubscribed from the published value.

The Euro MTN has an international rating of Baa2 from rating agency Moody's and a BBB rating from Fitch. HSBC and Mandiri Securities are appointed as Joint Global Coordinators. While acting as Joint Bookrunners are HSBC, Mandiri Securities, MUFG and Standard Chartered Bank.

"The value of this issuance is the largest global bond transaction ever issued by a bank from Indonesia," said Bank Mandiri Director of Treasury & International Banking Darmawan Junaidi in Jakarta, Friday (12/4).

According to Darmawan, this transaction is part of the planned foreign exchange bond issuance program worth $ 2 billion.

"In this transaction, we received total requests of more than  $ 3 billion from foreign investors. This indicates a high level of foreign investor confidence in Bank Mandiri when looking at Bank Mandiri's current performance and profile," said Darmawan.


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