Autopedia Sukses (ASLC) Prepares to Anticipate Future Surge in Used Cars

February 19, 2024, 10.22 PM  | Reporter: Diki Mardiansyah
Autopedia Sukses (ASLC) Prepares to Anticipate Future Surge in Used Cars

ILUSTRASI. Activities of used car sales platform officers Autopedia Sukses Lestari Tbk (ASLC).

AUTOMOTIVE - JAKARTA. Triputra Group's issuer, PT Autopedia Sukses Lestari Tbk (ASLC) has prepared a stock of used cars to anticipate a surge in demand ahead of Eid.

ASLC's President Director, Jany Candra, said that the trend of used car prices at the moment, especially a few months before Eid, usually increases along with the increasing demand for used cars.

The increase in demand for used cars is also driven by the factor of rising new car prices, so people switch to buying used cars. "To anticipate a surge in demand and prices ahead of Eid, we have prepared a stock of cars," Jany told KONTAN, on Monday (19/2).

The company, which is engaged in the auction and retail sale of used cars (, admits that used car sales have increased along with the increase in consumer purchasing power due to post-pandemic economic growth.

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Jany said awareness of the brand is also increasing thanks to the opening of showrooms in strategic locations, attractive offline and online promotions, and programs like 7G+.

The 7G+ program is an initiative from Caroline. id that offers additional guarantees for used car buyers. This program includes a 150-point inspection, engine and transmission warranty of up to 7 years, free towing service, widespread partner workshops, and 24/7 emergency services.

"With this program, used car buyers can feel more confident and safe in conducting transactions at," said Jany.



For JBA, Jany said, this auction business is very dependent on leasing supply, and in 2024 Gaikindo predicts an increase in sales volume of about 9.4% YoY for car units, so it is estimated that leasing can also increase in that range.

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Jany added the increase in car sales is triggered by several factors such as economic growth, recovery of purchasing power, increased car financing (leasing), road infrastructure development, and increased trust in the Caroline .id brand through the opening of showrooms in strategic locations, and the 7G+ program that enhances customer safety and trust.

In December 2023, ASLC opened a new used car showroom under the brand in Cimahi, Bandung so the total dealers now reached 10 showrooms, in line with expansion plans in other cities starting after focusing on Jabodetabek earlier this year.

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