Austindo Nusantara Jaya (ANJT) Targets a 6% Increase in FFB Production by 2024

March 03, 2024, 05.07 AM  | Reporter: Venny Suryanto
Austindo Nusantara Jaya (ANJT) Targets a 6% Increase in FFB Production by 2024

ILUSTRASI. PT Sahabat Mewah dan Makmur (SMM), a subsidiary of PT Austindo Nusantara Jaya Tbk (ANJT) received visits from Ambassadors and Diplomats from 9 Embassies of friendly countries in the Americas and Europe.

CORPORATE STRATEGIC - JAKARTA PT Austindo Nusantara Jaya Tbk (ANJT) is striving to boost the production of Fresh Fruit Bunches (TBS) and crude palm oil (CPO) in 2024. The company projects that TBS production will increase by 6% compared to 2023. 

Nopri Pitoy, ANJ's Finance Director, said this increase target will be supported by increased production from our young plantation in Southwest Papua, as well as replanted crops that have reached productive age. 

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"We also hope that the volume of external TBS purchases will increase and be able to reach a CPO production volume of over 300,000 mt this year," Nopri explained through a press statement, Thursday (29/2). 

To support this production target, this year ANJ has budgeted capital expenditure of US$ 36.8 million.

Most of this capital expenditure is allocated to fund several programs that support the company's productivity increase, including a replanting program on Belitung Island and North Sumatra I, land compensation at ANJ's plantation in South Sumatra, road laterization, employee housing and power plants for factories in Southwest Papua plantations, river embankment elevation and strengthening projects in North Sumatra II plantations, and a composting facility in North Sumatra I which will become the fourth compost plant owned by ANJ.

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"We believe these programs will support our productivity increase in the coming years, combined with innovations in agronomic practices expected to yield maximum productivity," he continued. 

In addition, ANJT is committed to continuing initiatives to mitigate and adapt to climate change that have been implemented since 2012 by integrating ESG practices into the company's business strategy to achieve a net zero emissions target by 2030. 


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