Amar Bank (AMAR) Conducts Supply Chain Financing Collaboration to Boost SME Credit

February 22, 2024, 06.05 PM  | Reporter: Nurtiandriyani Simamora
Amar Bank (AMAR) Conducts Supply Chain Financing Collaboration to Boost SME Credit

ILUSTRASI. The model shows the Safe feature in the Amar Bank application after the launch in Jakarta, Tuesday (15/8/2023). PT Bank Amar Indonesia Tbk (Amar Bank), a digital bank serving the retail and MSME segments, launched the Brankas savings feature in the Amar Bank application, a mobile-only intelligent bank with layered protection supported by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Photo : KONTAN/Carolus Agus Waluyo (15/08/2023)

BANKING-JAKARTA. PT Bank Amar Indonesia Tbk (AMAR) continues to focus on the retail and SME segments by expanding its cooperation in the field of supply chain financing. This time, AMAR is collaborating with PT Maulana Karya Persada (MKP), a company in palm oil (CPO) and its derivatives business sector.

The signing of the cooperation between Amar Bank and MKP was carried out as a form of the establishment of a joint commitment that will support the business activities of the MKP business chain as a key partner to pave the way for suppliers to access funding from Amar Bank.

Eka Banyuaji, Director of Corporate, Commercial, and Operational Amar Bank said, this strategic cooperation is worth hundreds of billions which is guaranteed to be used to support the development of business units which will also impact economic growth on a national scale because it involves tens and hundreds of business actors in the retail and SME segments.

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Both parties believe that this cooperation is able to encourage the business units of suppliers in the SME segment to grow even more.

"As a pioneer of digital banking in Indonesia, Amar Bank will continue to strengthen its commitment in supporting the SME segment and related retail entrepreneurs," said Eka in a press release, on Thursday (22/2).

Furthermore, Amar Bank in the financing cooperation mechanism through this supply chain form has previously carried out an initial selection process for business partner candidates by considering various things, including the status of large companies that have active supplier and distributor chains for productive funding purposes, with a ceiling that can reach above IDR 25 billion.

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"We continue to carry out this strategy in reaching business partners who will bridge the distribution of supply chain funding until it can be accessed and enjoyed by even more SME actors," said Eka.

Going forward, Eko is optimistic that through cooperation with MKP, Amar Bank will also contribute significantly to driving the growth of Indonesia's Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

For information, MKP is one of the companies engaged in the palm oil (CPO) business sector and its derivative products that can become environmentally friendly alternative fuels (renewable energy) such as palm shells, kernel shells, to palm bunches. Established in 2012, MKP is currently running its operations with two palm oil factories in the West Kalimantan region.


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