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AirAsia withdraws tickets from Traveloka

Selasa, 05 Maret 2019 / 14:08 WIB

AirAsia withdraws tickets from Traveloka
ILUSTRASI. Pesawat AirAsia Thailand

KONTAN.CO.ID - JAKARTA. AirAsia has withdrawn its tickets from Traveloka. The move follows an incident in which the low-cost airline’s flights were unavailable on the sites of several online travel agents, namely Traveloka and

“As a group, AirAsia has discontinued the sales of all of our tickets on Traveloka. It’s based on our disappointment with them,” Dendy Kurniawan, president director of AirAsia Indonesia, said in a press conference on March 4 in South Jakarta. In the meantime, AirAsia is still waiting for official clarification from

AirAsia flights were missing from Traveloka and from Feb. 14 to 17. At the time, Traveloka told that it was due to the airline’s system upgrades, while had remained silent on the matter. However, Rifai Taberi, AirAsia Indonesia commercial director, wrote on his Facebook account that it was not caused by AirAsia’s system.

The flights then reappeared on Feb. 18, but have been missing for the second time since March 2 on both sites.

“We’ve been patient enough waiting for Traveloka’s official explanation – despite rumors that were spread at that time,” said Dendy. “If [they said] it’s because of the system – come on, they should’ve anticipated it. They could’ve contacted us directly.”

Dendy said he had received reports that Traveloka had not provided a clear explanation about the unavailability to their customers and that the online travel agent had not directed AirAsia customers to the airline’s official website or app to book tickets. “But they suggested that people choose other airlines that were available on their website. We perceive this as something that hurts our good business relations with them,” said Dendy.

Sumber : The Jakarta Post
Editor: Wahyu Rahmawati
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