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Foreign ownerships in insurance to be restrained

23 Hours 35 Minutes Ago

The plan is included in the revision of a government regulation, which has been being discussed. 

Non-taxation revenues target may be missed

23 Hours 43 Minutes Ago

It is as the exports faltered at the early of the year

The AEO certificates for 46 companies have granted

1 Day(s) 18 Hours 3 Minutes Ago

The government has continuously increased the number of the companies, which receive the export and import facilities

Be ready, credit rate would rise, again

3 Day(s) 23 Hours Ago

Slow but sure, the expectations to enjoy lower credit rate are fading away, as the bank’s credit rate has started increasing.

Economy may grow by more than 5% in the Q1 2017

5 Day(s) 18 Hours 2 Minutes Ago

The solid export performance at the early this year is expected too boost the domestic economy to grow more than 5% in Q1 2017

Capital inflow to Indonesia remains high

10 Day(s) 20 Hours 49 Minutes Ago

As of the middle of this month, the foreign capital inflow has increased from Rp 20 trillion in 2016 to Rp 24.4 trillion.

Decrease in import affected CAD

12 Day(s) 18 Hours 7 Minutes Ago

According to BI (the Central Bank), the 2016 CAD amounted to US$ 16.3 billion or 1,8% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP)