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PTPN III subsidiary plans to go public in 2018

4 Day(s) 16 Hours 58 Minutes Ago

PTPN IV was financially the most ready to go public from among its 14 plantation subsidiaries.

Ride-hailing apps hitting conventional taxis badly

9 Day(s) 22 Hours 48 Minutes Ago

The two largest conventional taxi operators have posted serious declines in their financial performances.

Pertamina secures gas supply from Corridor Block

15 Day(s) 15 Hours 9 Minutes Ago

Pertamina has signed a gas sale and purchase agreement with ConocoPhillips to secure a gas supply totaling 65 trillion BTU.

Ancora set to acquire West Lombok mine

16 Day(s) 15 Hours 52 Minutes Ago

PT Ancora Indonesia Resources aims to seal a deal worth US$2 million this month to take over Indotan Lombok Pte Ltd.

PLN gets Rp 16.3 trillion of syndicated loan

17 Day(s) 13 Hours 4 Minutes Ago

This year, PLN needs about Rp 86 trillion to develop the electricity infrastructure.

Middle consumer shifts to lower-value goods: UNVR

17 Day(s) 15 Hours 29 Minutes Ago

The increased cost of living during a stagnant business period has forced middle-class consumers to purchase cheaper goods.

Sale of Blue Band doesn’t affect performance: UNVR

17 Day(s) 17 Hours 38 Minutes Ago

Blue Band is today a market leader in margarine, but its contribution to the company's sales is not significant.