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Bank secrecy would be disclosed

1 Day(s) 47 Minutes Ago

The government will release a government regulation in lieu of law to disclose the data of banking customers.

Freeport ready for arbitration

2 Day(s) 17 Hours 16 Minutes Ago

There are 120 days for government and Freeport to settle the dispute

Competition Commission to fine Yamaha and Honda

2 Day(s) 19 Hours 27 Minutes Ago

Yamaha and Honda involved in the price arrangement of automatic transmission motor cycle.

Lotte Chemical to compete Chandra Asri

3 Day(s) 17 Hours 24 Minutes Ago

The trend of lower oil price drives oil-dervatives industry to launch expansion

Banks massively promote low rate mortgage

3 Day(s) 18 Hours 33 Minutes Ago

Early of this year, some major banks massively launching promotion of housing loan with lower interest rate

Freeport ready to sue Indonesia’s government

4 Day(s) 36 Minutes Ago

Freeport is considering filing the case to international arbitration court in The Hague, the Netherlands.

CT appointed WIKA to develop Transpark

6 Day(s) 19 Hours 31 Minutes Ago

The CT Corp will expand its business tentacles to property business in this year.