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Indonesians spend most on travel in Lunar new year

Friday, 27 January 2017 | Rizki Caturini

JAKARTA. Indonesians will be spending the most to travel to be with loved ones this Lunar New Year, according to PT Bank UOB Indonesia’s (UOB Indonesia) Lunar New Year Survey. 

The survey found that of the respondents’ average Lunar New Year budget of Rp10,727,876, more than 30% will be spent on travel (Rp 3,365,375). Of the 85% of respondents who plan to travel during the festive season, more than nine in 10 said they will be visiting family and friends (92%).

For those travelling overseas, Southeast Asia is the most popular destination (41%), followed by Japan (29%). Europe and Korea tied for third at 10%.

Lynn Ramli, Head of Personal Financial Services, UOB Indonesia said, the trend of Indonesians travelling for Lunar New Year is underpinned by the stable economic growth over the past few years.

“Lunar New Year is traditionally a time for loved ones to come together but family reunions need not be in the home. The survey shows that of those who are going away during Lunar New Year, many are vacationing with their families or travelling to spend time with relatives living overseas,” Ramli said at the press release, Friday (1/27).

Paying it forward this Lunar New Year The survey also found that Indonesians who receive red packets this year are the most charitable in the region. About 27% of Indonesian respondents said they plan to donate their red packets to charity. This compares with 13% in Thailand and 10% in China.

The tradition of giving red packets is also a significant part of Lunar New Year festivities for the respondents, making up almost 20% of the total budget. Parents and parents-in-laws will receive the highest average amounts in their red packets this year, at Rp 752,256 and Rp 646,470 respectively. 

Reporter: Rizki Caturini
Editor: Rizki Caturini