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The import duties for oil and gas equipment

20 Hours 18 Minutes Ago

The govt will revise regulation of oil and gas downstream business to adjust the gross split rules 

Freeport ready for arbitration

2 Day(s) 17 Hours 22 Minutes Ago

There are 120 days for government and Freeport to settle the dispute

Major depositors become Tax Authority’s targets

4 Day(s) 22 Hours Ago

Directorate General of Taxation is preparing some strategies to pursue taxpayers, mainly the major depositors.

Tax authority to audit affiliated transactions

5 Day(s) 18 Hours 43 Minutes Ago

The Directorate General of Taxation will intensify the audit on tax payers this year

Govt ready to disburse funds for food voucher

6 Day(s) 18 Hours 57 Minutes Ago

The govt is preparing an amount of Rp 1.57 trillion budgets for this program.

State owned banks dividends may be declining

8 Day(s) 18 Hours 50 Minutes Ago

Only two of four state owned banks have succeeded to book profit growth in 2016

OJK Sets Credit Fintech Regulation

8 Day(s) 20 Hours 47 Minutes Ago

OJK or FSA is targeting to issue fintech regulation in second half 2017