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RI urged to firmly oppose EU palm oil resolution

16 Day(s) 17 Hours 8 Minutes Ago

Palm oil business urged the government to take action against Union European that detrimental to local industry

RI to remove some countries from free-visa list

17 Day(s) 19 Hours 9 Minutes Ago

The government is evaluating of the free visa policy, which is given to 169 countries

Freeport won’t reach for arbitration option

21 Day(s) 23 Hours 26 Minutes Ago

The govt said Freeport will not go to an international arbitration tribunal as both parties in the process of negotiation

RI steps up support for rebuilding Afghanistan

22 Day(s) 16 Hours 28 Minutes Ago

President Jokowi and Ashraf Gani meeting on Wednesday focused on Indonesia's commitments to rebuilding Afghanistan

Bali to get new underpass before IMF meeting

22 Day(s) 22 Hours Ago

Bali to build a new underpass as the preparation ahead of the IMF and World Bank meeting in October next year

Jokowi to cut 2017 state budget again

24 Day(s) 12 Hours 1 Minutes Ago

Jokowi targets economic growth 5.6% in 2018 and wants smooth transition to further cut in the 2018 budget

BI, police to crack down on illegal money changers

30 Day(s) 6 Minutes Ago

Central Bank (Bank Indonesia) will start cracking down on unlicensed money changers after April 7