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Minister officiates Tanjung Lesung diving center

2 Day(s) 6 Hours 16 Minutes Ago

The total investment in KEK Tanjung Lesung for 2017 has so far reached 1,838 trillion rupiahs.

Bank Indonesia cut rate again to 4.25%

3 Day(s) 18 Hours 33 Minutes Ago

Bank Indonesia cut benchmark rate, seven-day reverse repurchase (repo) rate by 25 basis points (bps) to 4.25% 

BI sets e-money top-up fee at Rp1.5 thousand

4 Day(s) 22 Hours 25 Minutes Ago

The top-up cost terms for the electronic money balance is stated in the BI Board of Governors Regulation No.19/10/PADG/2017

Indonesia to lower tariff on Australian raw sugar

5 Day(s) 19 Hours 24 Minutes Ago

The tariff decreases to 5 percent from 8 to 13 percent.

Jakarta gets Rp 6 bio from illegal parking fines

6 Day(s) 16 Hours 24 Minutes Ago

The money comes from 14,613 vehicles

1,000 railway crossings to be closed

7 Day(s) 23 Hours 57 Minutes Ago

The government will close about 1,000 railway crossings to make way for the medium-speed rail project.

YLKI criticized BI about e-money top-up costs

8 Day(s) 4 Hours 8 Minutes Ago

YLKI argues that banks should be responsible for the top-up costs