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Police apprehend suspected terrorist in Surabaya

6 Day(s) 14 Hours 22 Minutes Ago

The National Police’s antiterror squad, Densus 88, arrested a suspected terrorist in Surabaya, East Java, on Saturday morning

McD Malaysia refutes Israel ties after protested

7 Day(s) 11 Hours 39 Minutes Ago

McDonald’s Malaysia said the chain does not support or engage in any political or religious conflicts.

iPhone X to be available in Indonesia on Dec.22

9 Day(s) 8 Hours 17 Minutes Ago

iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, are coming to Indonesian stores on Dec. 22

National Online Shopping Day eyes Rp 4.95 trillion

10 Day(s) 10 Hours 54 Minutes Ago

National Online Shopping Day, which will be held on Dec. 12, is eyeing Rp 4.95 trillion in transactions

Indonesia in energy crisis: Pertamina director

10 Day(s) 10 Hours 58 Minutes Ago

Pertamina has called on the government to declare that the country is facing an energy crisis

Lake Toba faces threat of water pollution

13 Day(s) 1 Hours 52 Minutes Ago

The iconic North Sumatra lake continues to be marred by water pollution

Mt. Agung volcano threatening to blow its top

19 Day(s) 5 Hours 59 Minutes Ago

The probability of a large eruption is high, but this may take some days or weeks