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Low, Realization of Repatriation

25 Day(s) 12 Hours 5 Minutes Ago

To date, the realization of repatriation funds just amounted to Rp 67 trillion of the total commitment of repatriation.

Bank credit rate stagnant

22 Day(s) 9 Hours 11 Minutes Ago

The government's request for bank to implement single digit loan rate by the end of this year is unlikely to realize

Stop the riot, or economy will be paralyzed

19 Day(s) 10 Hours 15 Minutes Ago

In Penjaringan, masses also destructed mini markets.

Political actors manipulate the demonstration

19 Day(s) 14 Hours 18 Minutes Ago

President stressed that the government has accommodated the demonstrators' demand.

Three mini markets are looted in Penjaringan

20 Day(s) 2 Hours 56 Minutes Ago

Masses have stopped throwing stones to the police. However, sporadic actions are still found in the area.

Masses become anarchistic

20 Day(s) 3 Hours 10 Minutes Ago

Police were shooting tears gas to the crowds to secure the location. The masses responded by throwing some objects to the police.

Masses move to DPR building

20 Day(s) 3 Hours 18 Minutes Ago

Masses moved to DPR after hearing speeches and Quran recitation nearby the Horse Statue (Patung Kuda) area.