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RI Senegal explore cooperation in oil and gas

5 Day(s) 11 Hours 48 Minutes Ago

Senegal views Indonesia as an advanced country in offshore petroleum exploration technology and LNG processing

E-KTP case: KPK, beware of political attacks

13 Day(s) 10 Hours 4 Minutes Ago

Ex-Deputy said KPK should beware of political attacks after uncovering e-KTP graft case

TV journalists file report of alleged assault

11 Day(s) 15 Hours 16 Minutes Ago

Desi Fitriani said several people hit her with a bamboo stick.

Indonesians spend most on travel in Lunar new year

27 Day(s) 14 Hours 44 Minutes Ago

It is according to PT Bank UOB Indonesia’s (UOB Indonesia) Lunar New Year Survey. 

Low, Realization of Repatriation

24 Day(s) 12 Hours 51 Minutes Ago

To date, the realization of repatriation funds just amounted to Rp 67 trillion of the total commitment of repatriation.

Asia marks 10 years since Indian Ocean tsunami

28 Day(s) 5 Hours 19 Minutes Ago

The devastating Dec. 26, 2004, tsunami struck a dozen countries around the Indian Ocean rim, killing about 230,000 people

Open-air movie theater back

4 Hours 8 Minutes Ago

The Kineforum Misbar open-air movie theater is back this month