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Pandawa customers expect for the refund

Tuesday, 21 February 2017 | Namira Daufina, Sinar Putri S.Utami, Teodosius Domina

JAKARTA. Police finally caught the founder of KSP (saving and loan cooperative) Pandawa Mandiri Group Salman Nuryanto, who is also the suspect of fraudulent investment case involving Pandawa Mandiri. Nuryanto was caught on Monday (20/2) at 02.00 am in Mauk, Tangerang, Banten.

According to the Chief of Public Relations Affairs of Jakarta Police Office Senior Commissioner R Prabowo Argo Yuwono, Monday (20/2), Nuryanto has been arrested at Jakarta Police office.

Nuryanto had been on the wanted listed after had been absence from police summons for three times. The Police had received at least 20 reports from the customers related to the case.

The arrest of Nuryanto has calmed down the customers, who are hoping to have a refund.

One of the customers, Dimas Sri Merdeka to appear at Jakarta Police office, Wednesday (22/2) related to his report over Nuryanto that has been made on 10 January 2017. Nuryanto is allegedly involved in fraud and embezzlement, as well as money laundering crime.

Nurhasanah, another customer of Pandawa also has reported Nuryanto to Depok Polic office for the same case. A relative of Nurhasanah said that their family demand not only for imposing law sanctions against Nuryanto, but also for refund.

Aside of Nuryanto, Jakarta Police office also arrested other three suspects, namely Subadi, Taryo, and Madamin (the leader of Pandawa). The police has confiscated some assets, including lands and vehicles owned by Pandawa Group that are allegedly resulted from the fraudulent investment. The Police will also block Nuryanto’s bank account worth Rp 12 billion.

Another legal case of fraudulent investment, which is involving PT Trimas Mulia, has entered the final stage. On 5 January 2017, the South Jakarta court sentenced Yoga Dendawancana, the founder of Trimas Mulia, 8 years in jail, subsidiary 4 months. PT Trimas Mulia was a gold trading company, which operated fraudulent gold investment.

Financial Expert at Prasetiya Mulya Business School Lukas Setia Atmaja estimates, the lack of public’s financial literacy, as well as the desire to reap a huge amount of profits instantly have driven massive illegal investments. (Muhammad Farid/Translator)


Reporter: Namira Daufina, Sinar Putri S.Utami, Teodosius Domina
Editor: Sanny Cicilia