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Morocco is invited to invest in marine tourism

Jumat, 10 November 2017 / 15:43 WIB

Morocco is invited to invest in marine tourism

KONTAN.CO.ID - JAKARTA. Indonesia has invited Morocco to invest in the marine tourism sector, according to Agung Kuswandono, deputy in charge of natural resources and services of the coordinating minister for maritime affairs.

Kuswandono recently visited Morocco and explored cooperation in the tourism sector between the two countries.

"Who knows they are interested in investing in this field," Kuswandono stated here, Friday (11/10).

He also invited Moroccans to visit Indonesia as tourists.

The King of Morocco has planned to visit Indonesia in December 2017 to meet and discuss bilateral cooperation between the two countries with President Joko Widodo (Jokowi).

"The visit of the King of Morocco aims to further discuss cooperation to be established with Indonesia," he said.

Indonesia has vast potential in marine tourism, but only four percent of the country's total tourism potential has been utilized, the deputy noted in a press statement.

The country has invited investors to develop several marinas, as currently Indonesia, which is home to thousands of islands, has only four major marinas.

"You can imagine that a big country like Indonesia, with thousands of islands, has only four reliable marinas. Surely, this is a huge investment opportunity," Kuswandono added.

Sumber : Antara
Editor: Sanny Cicilia



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